Puck! Review (Sort Of…)

I saw a post on dramaswithasideofkimchi (click here to see the post – it’s a lot better than this one – and explore! It’s a great blog ^^) and I was so happy to see that Viki got the licensing and it applied to Europe!! YAY!! \(^0^)/

Small Synopsis:

JoonMan (Kwangsoo) is forced to work for a gang boss as a loan shark when his wife comes into debt. He starts to struggle with his job and differing true personality. When he must collect money from a hockey coach, JoonMan must join the team.

Disclaimer: This is just a post full of my thoughts, I don’t really touch that highly on the plot and I’m no great reviewer… I’m sorry ;-; However, I just wanted to put this post together because they have been sitting in my drafts for so long that I have no motivation or desire to recap the two episodes (I may in the future, but it looks unlikely…).

Oh and there will be spoilers below!

Episode 1

joonman joins the teamI am so happy that I saw this being written about, because this episode was honestly fantastic and just wow!

The way the comedy is pieced into this very hard hitting drama about a man forced to harm others as a loan shark (because of his ex-wife’s debt), so that his boss doesn’t harm him, was phenomenal. It was kind of quirky humour which I think went so well with the content, as it can be flipped so easily to change the mood of the scene.

The acting was great! KwangSoo, that adorable giraffe, can do humour and serious all in the same frame and I just love seeing him act, especially as he is so different to his Running Man persona and he just looks and acts so sexy throughout this, but there are still times when he looks a like a giant awkward idiot haha

The rest of the cast were great as well, both of the “villians”, JoonMan’s boss and the member of staff who wants the team to disband, both have these idiot qualities, but at the same time there is lurking evilness, in the sense that they are bad people.

playing niceThis drama was very focused on people and especially those who have or are suffering because of money, but also the things that led them to get the loans in the first place. I think the one that intrigues me the most is the woman who cooks for JoonMan each time he visits. I think there is something to do with her mental health situation, because she seems very dissociated, and then the scratching and the way she carries herself. I don’t know, but I do like her and his budding relationship.

I also really love SungShil, I think SooHyun is doing a great job! I love her attitude and how she is so involved with the team and how she doesn’t take anyone’s bs!

I think it is also shot really well, some of the framing and transitioning has been wonderful. I honestly could just rave on about how much I loved this episode for as long as possible haha ^^” I was not expecting to enjoy it this much!

Episode 2

I love it when you are watching something and some of the topic does not interest you at all, for instance ‘ice hockey’, but the characters are so well thought out and character interactions are an integral part of what you are watching, that you sit and watch so much ice hockey and you are just waiting on baited breath for that stupid little black puck to go into the tiny little net! And for about 20 minutes nothing could bring you greater joy than that finally happening!

This was such a powerful little 2 episode short film/drama and I just loved every single moment of it and I thought each character was written very well, especially given the time limits. I wish it would have been longer, because I still have so many questions, but I was very satisfied with the ending. Everyone loves the underdog coming out and winning, but that doesn’t mean life just miraculously gets better and I think that is the main message of this drama. Don’t give up, because there will be days when you can ‘breathe’ and feel alive, but we have to keep living through those tough times to reach them.

There were a lot of great performances from the ‘adult’ actors, KwangSoo being the best. I mean that man displays so much emotion on each end of the spectrum. When he smiles I feel happy and when he cries, my heart hurts! He needs to be a lead in a drama! (which as this post is months after this aired, that is happening!).

he got her flowers what a cutieI also found Lee SiWon as Ga YeoEun (the woman who cooks for him) so compelling. I thought she really played this role so genuinely and naturally. Her character was adorable and tragic at the same time.

I also thought that Kwak DongYeon’s performance was great, I really want to look at his other works (which are only a few as he is 18years old).

These are the kinds of things that make me super happy that I was introduced to Kpop and that my obsession led me to Kdramas. I think my life would be simultaneously more organised, but not as happy without them hahaha :p

Thank you for reading~


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