Plans For June!

Hello! It is now the month of June! Which is super crazy, I mean where has the time gone?!

activate 4 year old behaviour

Me at the moment when anyone mentions revision haha~

This is a small post just giving some details about what I have planned with this blog and some things that may get in the way for a little while.

I have exams, in a little under 2 weeks, so I really need to focus on revising and getting my mind in the right place for that (I can’t believe I have nearly finished my first year of uni!). I also want to try and get a job this month and spend time with my family and friends…

I want to try and do some more episodes of Go Princess Go! (of course!!) and try and get some Scholar Who Walks The Night or I Remember You done too (as I am beyond behind on both haha ^^”).

I will try to put aside some time every couple of days to get at least an hour of recapping in, so hopefully I will have at least one post to upload on a Saturday or Sunday ^^

I hope you are having a great start to June and this is a good month throughout for you! Thanks for reading~


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