Jimin + JooHyuk x DazedKorea || 20.02.2019

Editorial time~

Han JiMin and Nam JooHyuk are currently starring in the drama ‘The Light in Your Eyes’.

I couldn’t work out the proper credits for the photos, but here is a link to the post on DazedKorea

I like Jimin’s shot. There is a pretty off balanced symmetry and there is a relaxed, but melancholic feel about the shot. Jimin is wearing a lace dress from S BLANC’s latest Spring collection. I couldn’t find the exact dress, but most of their dresses are all around £200.

JooHyuk’s picture… I hate it! JooHyuk started his career as a model, so he’s obviously beautiful, but this shot does nothing for him! The angel is all wrong and makes his face and legs look weird. Whereas, Jimin fits naturally into her surroundings, JooHyuk looks uncomfortable and clumsy.

JooHyuk is wearing Burberry. The suit in total costs £1640 (the jacket is £1190 and the trousers are £450). The trainers are £550.

light in your eyes 2

I really like this picture! The set and the positioning of Jimin and JooHyuk is cool and JooHyuk looks so cute (I’m being picky, but I just wish those long pieces of Jimin’s hair weren’t in her face, but wind exists so). Both actors are wearing Salvatore Ferragamo.

Jimin is wearing a £190 khaki tshirt and £1285 skirt. I love the colour and cut of the skirt. The strap sandal heels are £565 and the heel shape is strange, but oddly cute. Lastly, Jimin is donning a really pretty bag which is an orangey colour. And I don’t know why I get surprised at the prices of bags from fashion brands anymore, but this bag costs £1555 which is nearly the entire amount of Jimin’s outfit!

JooHyuk is wearing a £745 tropical polo and I can’t tell if I like it or not. It’s kind of ugly, but kind of cool… haha He’s donning cotton chinos that cost £335 and his loafers (which I find ugly) are £525.

I love this shot of Jimin! The angle is so pretty and shows off the cute shape of her lips and the curve of her nose. And those sunglasses are soooo cool!! And I hate that I can’t find these on the Swarovski website! 😦

JooHyuk is serving up cool and quirky in his shot. My only problem with this shot, is that I don’t like the tshirt… the rips are weirdly placed and the design isn’t great. It isn’t worth £350 Burberry! And lastly, the sunglasses are from Sewon I.T.C. A price for this Police sunglasses range was so difficult to find! I ended up on some Japanese facebook page, and this had a price, but the Sewon I.C.T page didn’t and they don’t have a website that I could find… this was a ride haha ^^” So, they could be around £250 or they might not be…

light in your eyes 5

This is such a beautiful shot. It’s simple and chic and just gentle (do you get me? haha). Both are wearing Loewe.

JooHyuk is wearing an oversized coat that costs £1725 (and I was searching for this for about 10 minutes, until I realised it was in the women’s section…). The t-shirt is £225 which is too much for a tshirt haha

Jimin is wearing a super chic outfit. Both items cost the same, £625. The asymmetrical shirt is cute, especially as it has an oversized – boyfriend look. It took me forever to find the skirt, because I thought it was a skirt and belt… it’s not. For this look I think it looks perfect, but I don’t think you could really wear this without pairing it with a white shirt.


S BLANC                       Burberry                   Salvatore Ferragamo              Swarovski

Sewon I.T.C                Loewe

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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