Lee Minki x Elle Korea || 03.02.2019

This was a rather odd shoot!

My mind is immediately drawn to the cool art behind Minki! (If you know the artist, let me know~)

This sporty casual look is made up of three designers.

Off White – The tide pattern shirt is £470, the track suit bottoms are £400-£500 and the socks are £55… do rich people really spend that much on socks??

Represent by Beaker – The long sleep top under the shirt (cos our boy is stylish haha :p) is just over £100.

Wooyoungmi – I couldn’t find the black sneakers, but the white ones I found are £400, so these are probably the same.

I don’t like how his hair is so in his eyes! But the fact that he looks so uninterested in the product placement makes me laugh so much that I don’t care haha~

The product Minki is so enthusiastically modelling is a gift box from Jo Malone London. They contain 2 or 3 perfume/ skin care items. There are two on the site, which are £55 and £83 respectively.

The white shirt is from Ports V and is £150, and I’m kind of mad that it covers most of the orange turtleneck, because the colour is so pretty! The turtleneck comes from Lexx Finger Marche’s winter collection and is £99.

This is my favourite photo from this shoot! Lee Minki’s side profile is beautiful! That jaw *drools*

The shirt is from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand’s spring/summer ’19 collection and the green is looks really good with Minki’s skin tone. It’s retail price is a few pence off £464 (oh and when prices are weird like this, it’s because I’m converting dollars/euros or won in pounds).

The watch comes from Bulgari’s Octo Roma collection and the price physically hurts. There are people out there wearing £10,755 on their wrists… I’m speechless and in pain… I need to lie down!

I wish we could have had a closer photo of Minki in this jacket and you know his face! However, the location is certainly interesting and makes for a good set.

The jacket -£308.92- and jeans -around £122- are both from Club Monaco (which, for those who are interested, is owned by the Ralph Lauren Corporation).

The converse are high tops and a new arrival according to the site (which look like every other black and white high tops… haha ^^”) and cost £75.


I’m always weak for shoulder blades *swoons*

But, where on earth is this shoot taking place haha~

The shirt, which is an abstract floral print that I’m not overly keen on is £98.63.

The chino’s, which are a really nice bluish grey colour, are £122.20.

Both items come from Club Monaco’s men’s collection.


Why are there sticks in front of Lee Minki?… I’m honestly confused about this whole shoot haha

Oh wait, I get it now! The Jo Malone London cologne – £94- Minki is holding is called Red Roses, hence the roses and the thorny sticks. I still think the sticks are dumb tho.

This Wooyoungmi oversized shirt is an absolutely beautiful colour! I’m not really a fan of the giant cuffs, but I don’t even care because I’m so distracted by how much I like the colour haha ^^” The shirt is £380.



For the full shoot and Elle Korea Interview

Photographer: Kim YoungJun (김영준)
Stylist: Kang LeeSeul (강이슬)
Post: Lee KyungEun (이경은)
Controlling Editor: Eom JiHoon (엄지훈)
Hair: Lee SeonYeong (이선영)
Make-Up: An SeongHee (안성희)
Location: JCCAC
Design: Lee HyoJin (이효진)


Off-White™                                  Beaker                              Wooyoungmi

Jo Malone London                         Ports V                    Lexx Finger Marche

Bulgari                                     Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

Club Monaco                                 Converse

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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