Lee Hi Stage Outfits || Top 5

Whoever styles Lee Hi, I love you ♥

Lee Hi made her mark on the first series of SBS KpopStar and after placing 2nd, she was signed by one of the judges – Papa YG… which means she has spent most of her career in the YG dungeon… I’m not salty at the new groups getting more opportunities than this talented ball of cuteness… not at all…

I’m only looking at outfits from stage/tv performances of her songs. These include guest appearances and sub unit performances – i.e HiSuhyun (with AKMU’s Soohyun)~

All dates are linked to the YouTube performance video~

5. It’s Over

SBS Inkigayo – 24.03.2013

lee hi inkigayo


‘It’s Over’ was one of the title tracks on Lee Hi’s debut album – First Love. Throughout this era there was a cute, bubbly and young flair to Lee Hi’s stages and outfits.

Out of the many outfits for ‘It’s Over’, this one is my favourite. The print is adorable and I love the top/skirt combination! Lee Hi looks adorable but chic at the same time ♥


4. Rose

MBC Music Core – 20.04.2013

lee hi rose

‘Rose’ is the other title track from Lee Hi’s debut – First Love. And it is one of my favourite songs, not only from Lee Hi, but from YG. Lee Hi’s soulful voice really comes out in this song and her rapping is subtle and adds another great layer to this song.

Out of the ‘Rose’ stage outfits, this is my favourite because I really love the colour and pattern. This style also contrasts with ‘It’s Over’. It gives Lee Hi a more mature feeling which goes well with the song. My only qualm with this outfit, are the shoes… I’m not the biggest fan! haha

3. I’m Different 

M Countdown – 20.11.2014

hisuhyun m countdown


HiSuhyun is a sub unit of Lee Hi and Akmu’s Soohyun that briefly reared its head in 2014 (and we haven’t heard about it since). The title track of this duo was ‘I’m Different’ which features IKON’s Bobby.

Lee Hi’s outfits during these stages were a mixture of preppy and sexy. Her outfits contrasted the innocent nature of Soohyun’s outfits and matched her more mature sounding voice.


2. More Than A TV Star

Mnet 2015

lee hi smtm4

I don’t personally watch Show Me The Money, but when my girl Lee Hi collabs with someone I’ll find out haha (but I do really like this song and would recommend giving it a listen). 

Show Me The Money is a rap competition and in series 4, Lee Hi featured on a song with Innovator who was in Team YG (the mentors are from different companies).

This outfit is beautiful! I love the pop of yellow which contrast with the darker colours and the pattern. It’s very arty and wonderful!

1. Breathe

M Countdown – 24.03.2016

lee hi m countdownBreathe come from Lee Hi’s second album – Seoulite – and was written by SHINee’s Jonghyun ♥

I pretty much loved all the outfits from the Breathe stages. However, the white outfits are my favourite.

This outfit is my favourite. I think I prefer seeing Lee Hi in longer dresses/skirts, even though I love her more casual style that she dons in her everyday life.

I’m not even sure what material this dress is made from, but it looks beautiful with the lace in top half. Everything about this is stunning!~

Do you love these outfits? Or do you have any other favourites?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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