Lee Hi Stage Outfits || Top 5

Whoever styles Lee Hi, I love you ♥ Lee Hi made her mark on the first series of SBS KpopStar and after placing 2nd, she was signed by one of the judges – Papa YG… which means she has spent most of her career in the YG dungeon… I’m not salty at the new groups…… Continue reading Lee Hi Stage Outfits || Top 5

2NE1 Stage Outfits || Top 5

Let’s delve into the realm of YG! 2NE1 was a YG’s first girl group and consisted of 4 members: CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park and Gong Minzy. They were active from 2009 to 2016 before disbanding. 2NE1 have explored many different sounds and will always be an iconic group! I will admit that the earlier…… Continue reading 2NE1 Stage Outfits || Top 5

KARD Stage Outfits || Top 5

Stage outfits are always so fun to look at!! KARD is a 4 member mixed group (from DSP media) that debuted officially in summer 2017. The group  consists of 2 females, JiWoo and Somin. And 2 males, Matthew (BM) and J.seph. While compiling this list, I realised that personally my favourite outfits tended to be…… Continue reading KARD Stage Outfits || Top 5