KARD Stage Outfits || Top 5

Stage outfits are always so fun to look at!!

KARD is a 4 member mixed group (from DSP media) that debuted officially in summer 2017. The group  consists of 2 females, JiWoo and Somin. And 2 males, Matthew (BM) and J.seph.

While compiling this list, I realised that personally my favourite outfits tended to be very coherent with each other, and JiWoo’s outfits were almost always my fave ♥

The outfits come from their debut and 2 comebacks:

  • Hola Hola – Title track for Kard’s 1st mini album of the same name.
  • You In Me – Title track for Kard’s 2nd mini album ‘You & I’
  • Ride on the Wind – Title track for Kard’s 3rd mini album of the same name.

All dates are linked to the YouTube performance video~


These outfits were worn on MBC Music Core – 2.12.17

kard you in me sbs 2

I’m always in awe of people who wear coats while dancing… how do these people not die of overheating??

Anyway… I really like this colour scheme. It’s not overstated and it’s smooth and classy, which fits with the song. I also love when female idols where trousers (is that weird?) The red piping is a wonderful thickness and compliments the block red of JiWoo and Somin’s tops.



Ride on the Wind is the title track for Kard’s 3rd mini album. These outfits were worn on MBC Music Core – 28.07.2018

I couldn’t find/screenshot a nice enough pic from the video, but here is a shoot on Osen. I love the gold, shorts and asymmetrical type mesh (I feel like this isn’t the right word?) skirts. However, I think the guys outfits are boring. J.seph has gold stripes down the sides of his trousers, and I just with there could have been slight more cohesion with that gold.


Hola Hola is the title track for Kard’s 1st mini album. These outfits were worn on SBS Inkigayo – 23.07.17

I love Somin’s outfit, with the cute pink jumper, the ties (which I’m assuming is part of her bra, but I’m not sure, either ways it’s cute) and the lace edging to the shorts.

I then love how the colours are flipped on JiWoo and that skirt is beautiful!

I like what the guys are wearing, mainly J.seph though. I like how they counter the pink with blue, but I just wish Matthew was wearing something more interesting. Is this just me?



These outfits were worn on SBS Inkigayo – 26.11.18

kard you in me sbs

You can never go wrong with pinstripes! I love the black garments with the grey pinstripe and the differing allocation of each on the body.

Somin’s pinstripe suit jacket dress contrasts J.seph’s black jacket. Matthew is wearing a black jumper and pinstripe trousers, while JiWoo colours are swapped (does that make sense? haha ^^”)


These outfits were worn on KBS Music Bank – 21.07.17

kard hola hola 21.0717 2

I adore these outfits!!! The cohesion, the colours and the patterns are perfect! These outfits fit the fun, summer vibes of the song.

I love Matthew’s shirt and the way his and J.seph’s clothes have the a good amount of pattern, as opposed to what we have seen in other stage outfits of theirs.


I also really wanted to just end with this video. I know that this is a top 5, but after I compiled this list and wrote it, I stumbled across this performance of You In Me on Music Core and the outfits! *drools*

They are all beautiful! My favourite outfit is Somin’s ♥ But I also love the blocks of blue and the pinstripes and everyone looks amazing!!!

I hope you liked this! I’m not really sure if my thoughts are interesting enough or written well enough haha ^^”

What are your favourite stage outfits? What is your favourite Kard song? (mine is Don’t Recall~).

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


2 thoughts on “KARD Stage Outfits || Top 5

  1. I LOVE KARD!! I’m waiting for them to return with a full concert! Their fan meet is still the best I’ve ever been to! It was fun and the members are such sweeties!! I love the symmetry of the outfits. As they are a group, they should be. I just love all the members!! Thanks for the article!

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