2NE1 Stage Outfits || Top 5

Let’s delve into the realm of YG!

2NE1 was a YG’s first girl group and consisted of 4 members: CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park and Gong Minzy.

They were active from 2009 to 2016 before disbanding.

2NE1 have explored many different sounds and will always be an iconic group!

I will admit that the earlier fashion decisions of the YG stylists were far from my own preference, but as they matured in the industry so did their style: the 2000’s were an interesting time for idol group fashion 😂

All dates link to YouTube video performances~

5. I Love You

SBS Inkigayo – 5.08.2012

2ne1 i love you

I Love You – a 2012 single – has a visually stunning music video. And the the outfits, though not exactly cohesive highlight individual style, but still work together in the framework of 2NE1.

I love Dara’s jacket, that green is beautiful, but I wish she wasn’t wearing so much white. This is the element of the group look that throws it off for me.

4. Missing You

SBS Inkigayo – 24.11.2013

2ne1 missing you

Another song from the 2014 album Crush is Missing You. Ballads from 2NE1 are my favourite!

I love these outfits. They are chic and for the most part understated, which is distinct from other stage outfits 2NE1 have worn!

I like how Bom and Dara’s outfits are the same cut but different print, and that Minzy and Cl’s jackets work the same way. I do wish that Dara’s dress could have been similar to Cl’s jacket to make a more cohesive look, but I’m not mad ♥


3. Ugly

2011 DMZ Peace Concert Live

2ne1 uglyUgly was released in 2011 and I have to admit the fashion in the music video is “grungy” and somewhat aggressive to the eyes (does that make sense? haha). However, the live performance outfits were sophisticated and absolutely stunning!

Every member looks sexy and fierce! I will say my favourite suit is Bom’s as it looks the most tailored~

2. Falling in Love

SBS Inkigayo – 11.07.2013

2ne1 inkigayoI love my extra queens who do a costume change half way through a song!

Falling in Love – which comes from the album CRUSH – is one of my favourite 2NE1 songs and these outfits from – Kesh x American Apparel – look fresh and cool which is the essence of this song.

I also love how the outfits, despite being from one collection conform to the style of each of the members. If you hung these up you could tell whose outfit was whose! The monochromatic outfits also contrast with the bright colours of the former outfits which is fun to see in the same performance~

1. Fire + I AM THE BEST

2015 MAMA’s

mama 2015 2ne1The Mama’s are a great place for groups to showcase their music, especially their big hits (which are both by Teddy btw!). 

These outfits are gorgeous! For different stages around this time, these outfits have been several different colours. The ones I like the most is the blue colour. It’s sharp and compliments the black and gold.

Each members “uniform” compliments their styles and highlights different aspects of their bodies. Also, can we talk about how sexy CL looks?!

I know I said I wasn’t a fan of the earlier fashion choices, but I still think everyone should experience Lollipop because it’s a ride and to be honest it’s a bop! haha ^^”

You’re welcome~

What are your favourite 2NE1 stage outfits?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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