Shin MinAh x Elle Korea || 30.01.19

Fashion, Fashion, Fashiooooon~ ♪♪

Shin Minah is a Korean actress, best known for the dramas My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Arang and the Magistrate.

shin minah elle 1

I love the puffy sleeves and the subtle yellow of the dress. Alexander McQueen is a fantastic fashion house! I don’t quite understand the belt, but the more I look at it, the cooler it looks haha~

The dress and belt comes from the 2019 Spring/Summer Alexander McQueen collection. The peplum corset belt is a whopping £1120! Most of the collection are not available for purchase yet and don’t have price listings. However, a dress from the same collection is £3275, so I assume this beautiful dress will be priced similarly.

So, I had to question whether I know how to read numbers, because the price of these Roger Vivier shoes pains me. Who pays £1250 for shoes?! Who?!

The set design isn’t my favourite. I would have preferred set colours that make the outfit stand out, but my eye is drawn to the annoying blurr of red to the left and the yellow gold fabric behind Shin Minah.

shin minah elle 2

I really like oversized clothes (on other people… I’m fat, so I don’t think it looks good on me haha).

The dress comes from Valentino’s pret a porter (ready to wear) 2019 spring/summer collection. However, as with the Alexander McQueen situation, the prices aren’t available right now. From what I can see with other dresses available, this dress will probably fall somewhere in the range of £1500 – £3000.

I kind of wish the top chest half was more tailored, only because Minah’s boobs look odd haha. I do like the pop of pink that the shoes give to the outfit! These  Roger Vivier Lavallière pumps are silk satin with a Swarovski, crystal jewelled-applique and cost £660.

The earrings are from Hestia. However, I couldn’t find them on the site or anything like them, so I’m not sure the price range.

My only qualm with the set design is the annoying blur of the flowers that the camera hasn’t focused on… I hate it! I love the blue wall and the flower bush thing, but the blurred flowers… I hate them haha ^^”

shin minah elle 3

For the life of me I could not find this dress! I only know it’s from the Spring/Summer collection from EENK‘s (brand name) instagram, but there is nothing on the site about it… nor in any of the fashion websites, such as vogue kr.

And the thing is it’s a gorgeous dress. The glossy red colour is beautiful, and the details are cute and sophisticated at the same time. It also pops out more against the blue of the chair (let’s not go into the blurred flower thing up front…)

The ankle patent leather (glossy finished) boots from Roger Vivier cost £750.

According to Elle Korea, Shin Minah is also wearing a necklace and earrings from Cartier, but I can’t see them clearly enough to even begin to correspond them to the Cartier collection haha ^^”

shin minah elle 4

Finally! A full set design and outfit that I love! The blocks of colour throughout are vibrant and well coordinated. And no blurred annoyances 🙏

The jacket and turtleneck are from the Ordinary People 2019 Spring/Summer collection, which of course doesn’t have prices yet… *sigh* However, I checked how much the last collection costs and these items probably will range from £300-£500 (watch me be totally wrong haha ^^”). The pop of green offsets the bold grey.

Roger Vivier do overpriced bags too! The pictured bag is £1750. It looks cute, but how is it that much?!

The red earrings are from Katenkelly and cost a whopping £10! (or thereabouts). I checked this three times because I was so sure that couldn’t be right haha!

shin minah elle 5

I always think that pink and green should never work, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when I like the combination. The pink is vibrant, and the green in understated. And the teal skirt is to die for!

The problem is, I spent so long trying to work out what Calvin Klein 205W39NYC by 10 Corso Como Seoul was, and when I did, I couldn’t find the prices of anything! It seems that most of the clothes are only available “in store”. I looked at both 10 Corso Como’s and Calvin Klein’s websites, Vogue and other fashion magazines and couldn’t find anything, not even pictures of the bloody clothes!

In this photo we see the same bag – by Roger Vivier – as in the previous photo, but this time in black. The bag still costs £1750 (why?).

The Cartier earrings (composing of yellow gold, Lapis Lazuli and diamonds) are from the AMULETTE DE CARTIER Collection, and they are… brace yourself… £4500! I get that they are made from 75% pure gold and diamonds and whatever, but they’re so small and for your ears!! My broke heart hurts haha

More pictures and Shin Minah’s interview (in Korean…) can be found on Elle Korea


Photographer: Shin SeonHye (신선혜)
Stylists: Kang YoonJoo (강윤주), Lee HyeonJoo (이현주)
Author of post: Kim JiSeon (김지선)
Editor: Lee YeonJoo (이연주)
Hair: Im CheolWoo (임철우)
Make-up: Choi ShiNo (최시노)
Se Stylist: Han Song-i (한송이)
Design: Jeon GeunYoung (전근영)

Links to brand sites:

Roger Vivier              Alexander McQueen             Valentino             Hestia             EENK

Cartier                        Ordinary People                     Katenkelly              Calvin Klein

10 Corso Como

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m really enjoying doing these!

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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