#Cramathon 2018 || Wrap-Up

Reading over the holidays and while sick is hard haha ^^”

Cramathon ended yesterday and even though I didn’t complete all the challenges, I’m still rather proud of myself.

Wrap UP

A Book Under 200 Pages

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit – Judith Kerr

192 pages

3.5 β˜†β˜†β˜†

I put this off for so long because I didn’t feel emotionally ready for what I assumed was going to be a heartbreaking story about the Holocaust. However, this book was oddly charming and a reminder that some lucky Jews were able to flee Nazi Germany before Hitler came into power, and despite the struggles, Anna perseveres and finds the good and positive as best she can in any situation.

Shortest Book on TBR

Sister Assassin – Keirsten White

241 pages


I think if I had read this when I was a little younger I would have enjoyed it a lot more. The characters were interesting, as was the plot, but the execution wasn’t as good as I hoped. And because of the supernatural links and the situation Fia is in, and the love interest (I can’t remember his name… haha ^^”) my brain kept comparing this to Shatter Me, which just made me more aware of how Sister Assassin could have been better.

Book I Meant to Read in 2018, But Never Did

Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

263 pages


The writing and sentiment of this book is beautiful. Kathy H is a wonderful person to follow and she deserved so much more than she got. I cried several times while reading this book. That ending broke me!

I’m glad I read those last few chapters with my dog but my side haha ^^”

Adulthood is a Myth – Sarah Andersen

112 pages

3 β˜†β˜†β˜†

I just wanted something short and cute, so I picked this up from my library. I have to admit I was expecting more, but it was cute, funny and relatable.

I’m currently a few chapters into The Calling by Kelley Armstrong, but I’m realising that I don’t really care about these new characters in this world… but I know that my children turn up later, so I’m going to persevere haha ^^”

How was your Cramathon? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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