Friendsgiving | K-Drama Ver. || #T5W

Get your invitations now!~

The book #T5W is to list who we would invite to a “friendsgiving” party and here is the kdrama version! Of course, there are more than 5 people turning up… we all knew that would happen haha ^^”

5. Cha Hong Do (Choi KangHee)

heart-to-heart-drama-posterHeart to Heart is one of my favourite dramas of all time. The plot follows a women who has severe social anxiety and aspects of agoraphobia. HongDo meets a cocky psychiatrist who helps her learn how to accept herself and of course an adorable and emotional romance ensues that both breaks my heart and heals it! Also, I feel like YiSuk would just turn up at the dinner too haha

HongDo is so cute and I loved her story so much!

(Wonder Girls’ Sohee is also a knockout in this drama!)

4. Im Meari (Yoon JinYi)

Meari is my favourite character in A Gentleman’s Dignity. Her passion and perseverance in pursuing love was beautiful and has stayed with me for years.

This is my absolute favourite fan made video. I definitely recommend you give it a watch!

3. Yoo JungIn (Lee YongAh)

vampire prosecutor cute

Vampire Prosecutor is another of my favourite dramas. I love the characters so much and I’m still so incredibly salty that we don’t have a series 3. Especially with the series 2 finale!!!!!! I’m never going to be over this. I’ll be on my deathbed and still grumbling about the lack of Vampire Prosecutor 3.

I also feel like the rest of the gang would just follow her to the party too haha

2. Tae GongSil (Gong HyoJin)

smile-masters-sunGongSil is so cute and quirky! I love her odd ways and fashion choices so much. Masters Sun is one of those dramas which has a wonderful female lead who is both fierce and stands up for others, but at the same time is vulnerable and emotional. Her relationships with others and some of the ghosts are generally so cute.

Plus when GongSil acted as a cat I cackled! haha

(Also Gong HyoJin and So JiSub as a couple is too stunning and I’m not worthy haha)

1. Hwang ShiMok (Cha SeungWoo) + Han YeoJin (Bae DooNa)

secret forest cuteSecret Forest is the best drama of the year, don’t @ me! haha I adore this drama and I love these two characters so much. Prosecutor and crime dramas tend to be my favourite genre, and this combines the two, with so much workplace and political drama!

Hwang ShiMok is so cute and I want to just hug him all the time, despite how much he would hate that haha ^^” And YeoJin brings the best out in him. She works so hard and never gives up, yet she is sweet and makes jokes and is just a wonderful human being.

Are they any kdrama characters you would invite to your party?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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