The Guest || First Thoughts ๐Ÿ•‡

It’s Halloween and I’m a wimp, but I keep seeing this on my twitter timeline and I wanted to check it out!

It’s been a while since I’ve watched something on OCN and ooh boy I forgot how their crime/horror kdrama’s don’t care about my poor little wimpish heart!

theguest0100281In this first episode we meet our three leads. We spend half the episode in the 90’s, where Yoon HwaPyung’s (Choi SeungHoon) psychic ability (he’s also from a family of Shamans) becomes stronger and his village is struck by ‘Son’, a ghost/demon who appeared in the past and went on a killing spree. He’s now back for more.

Priest Yoon (Yoon JongSeok), a Catholic priest becomes possessed and this leads to more deaths. His younger brother, Yoon (Jung Yoogeun), escapes with the help of a passing detective, but the night ends with her daughter, GilYoung (Kim JiYoung), becoming motherless.

We then head back to our current time: 2018. Our three leads are all grown up.

By the looks of things HwaPyung (Kim DongWook) is the lead character, and he’s on a mission to find Priest Choi who disappeared that night. He seems to use his job as a taxi driver to search and investigate crimes that could be connected to him.


Meanwhile, his path crosses again with GilYoung (Jung EunChae), who has followed in her mother’s footsteps and is now a detective. We also briefly get a glimpse of Yoon (Kim JaeWook), who has followed in his brother’s footsteps and is now a priest. His mission seems to be the same as HwaPyung’s.

I swear to god, so many people died in this episode, and each time I was terrified. Also this demon killed a dog!! I can’t even… I… I… I need a sit down… The first scene is someone dying, so the writers are definitely not playing around.

The acting of the child actors, especially Choi SeungHoon was fantastic. I honestly hope we get more flashbacks. I also squealed at the sight of Yoogeun! My Shawol heart โ™ฅ

theguest0100657aHwaPyung as an adult is actually rather cute. He’s definitely someone who sticks to his morals and I’m looking forward to seeing how his personality will match with the others. GilYoung is a woman with attitude! She beats up criminals, so I’m definitely looking forward to the bickering that I hope is going to happen!

The only character, I can’t really gauge anything from is Yoon. He’s so mysterious at this point! (Not to mention Kim JaeWook is so handsome โ™ฅ)

On the more technical side, there was a lot of auditory overload in this episode. The music choices are incredibly intense and somewhat jarring. In most of the instances this works perfectly with what we’re watching. However, there were times when the special effects were a little over the top, which meant I fell out of the moment.

theguest0100145aSometimes silence is scarier. Hopefully, the next episodes has a bit more cohesion with the music and special effects.

Talking of special effects, some of them are rather silly, but at other times, I hid behind my blanket…

On a side note: I’m also so used to watching kdrama’s that the blurry knife doesn’t even faze me anymore and I’m still shocked when someone gets stabbed haha ^^”

Overall, I am so pleased with this first episode! I’m so excited to see where this goes and in what ways the writers will surprise and shock me next.

I’m definitely going to keep watching, but I’ll stick with watching this drama during the daytime hahaย โ˜€

Thanks for watching! Happy Halloween!ย ๐Ÿ‘ป


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