HIStory2: Crossing the Line || Mini Review

I have a newfound interest in volleyball haha *spoilers within*

Crossing the Line is the last (aired so far) storyline in the HIStory2 series.

f82de400f7022b872f7d0b23494c51920cf9ad2ev2_hqXia Yu Hao (Fandy Fan) is a troublemaker with a temper. He gets forced into joining the volleyball team when he’s seen jumping by the captain (and somewhat threatened by his physics team and the volleyball coach haha – I love her!). 

The manager of the team is former ace player, Qiu Zi Xuan (Yan Ze Lu), who can no longer play due to a knee injury. Through training, Xia Yu Hao learns to concentrate his temper, while also catching feelings.

Meanwhile, Xia Yu Hao’s two best friends are working out their own relationship with the backdrop of volleyball. Zhen Wen (Meng Lin Yang) has feelings for Zhen Wu (Po Yu Shih) and they’ve stayed with him even after their parents marry.

055b534a00035405c504c78380b5c80cde732e68r1-600-450v2_hqThis drama was so wonderful. HIStory2 is far superior to it’s first series.

Before going into this, volleyball just reminded me of the painful days of PE in secondary school, but now, through Qiu Zi Xuan’s passion for the sport, I’m all here for it haha ^^”

This was one of the better acted storyline’s and their were a lot of different characters that I really enjoyed. I would have liked these series to be longer, as I would have really liked to explore more of the friendships within the team.

The relationships in Crossing the Line were so fun, sweet and engaging. Through teamwork, tensions are lessened and friendships formed. And the ROMANCE! MY HEART! ♥♥♥

DSnnt9SVAAAm5eYFirst off, I’ll start with the two stepbrothers. I thought that they could have actually talked earlier within the series. However, I was so happy that despite not coming to a clear conclusion about their relationship and the feelings they had for each other, there was an understanding. Which included them allowing each other to take the time to understand their own feelings and conflicting thoughts.

152823a0e5719725651880300379Secondly, Xia Yu Hao was so adorable! Once he realised his feelings for Qui Zi Xuan, this little pumpkin was so cute. He was up front about how he felt and he had intense heart eyes!

There was tension between the two and this was Xia Yu Hao’s fault. However, it was so lovely to see the two get to know each other through spending time together. And I was so happy that both of the pair had supportive friends who they could talk to about their feelings and who in turn came to them when they need help.

The angst could have been shortened, but I understood the reservations of both parties. Xia Yu Hao was hurt at being dismissed and the confused at Qui Zi Xuan’s anger. And Qui Zi Xuan has a sister complex and didn’t want to hurt her.

I’m looking forward to seeing what they do Crossing the Line 2 which is meant to be coming out next year in the HIStory3 series.

Overall, this was such a wonderful drama and is probably my favourite out of the five storylines. There is so much love and friendship in this.

Also, despite hating the dream in Obsessed, I loved the Xia Yu Hao’s dream!! *fans self*

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a great day~

2 thoughts on “HIStory2: Crossing the Line || Mini Review

  1. “HIStory2 is far superior to it’s first series“ You are on point! This season was way better than the first in acting and stories! I also loved the couple’s in this! It was enjoyable and those kiss scenes? WOAH! My second favorite of the season!!

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