HIStory: Obsessed || Mini Review

Due to several aspects of this drama, I will be discussing spoilers!

30087909_371862889976343_2914867198533042176_nObsessed (2017) is another storyline in the HIStory series. This one has the most complicated, emotionally and physically, storyline of the four I have seen so far.

Obsessed follows Shao Yi Chen (Teddy Ren), who dies in a car accident while running from his long term boyfriend, Jiang Jin Teng (He Barnard) after hearing extremely upsetting news.

He is “reborn” in his body 9 years prior, on the day that he met Jiang Jin Teng. Knowing everything he does, Shao Yi Chen does everything he can to not get involved with Jiang Jin Teng. Of course things don’t go quite how he plans.

I’m mainly going to be looking at the romance of this drama, but I will just say a few things about the drama as a whole first.

This drama was well acted, and the side characters were well established. The story, despite its supernatural (?) element, was put forward competently and was logical.

The other romances are subtle (in some ways haha) and rather cute.

Overall, as a package, this drama was very good.

However, this drama was far from healthy.

And that lies mostly with Jiang Jin Teng. This character is used to getting what he wants and several times points out that he wants to own Shao Yi Chen. He does not accept Shao Yi Chen’s rejections and forces himself on the former several times.

This sly little shit also fakes amnesia which leads to him staying at Shao Yi Chen’s house. And because of the guilt Shao Yi Chen feels at Jiang Jin Teng getting injured to save him, he does everything in his power to help him get better.

We get the impression that Shao Yi Chen is rather weak before he is reborn. His change in character was great, and I couldn’t help be amused by his frustration at his plans to dodge Jiang Jin Teng failing miserably.

There is so much wrong with their relationship. Both are obsessive, but it’s Jiang Jin Teng’s that stands out because he is very aggressive. I mean he puts his hand to the throat of a female friend. He has problems with his anger, but that’s just not acceptable.

1014440_01However, I laughed, smiled and cried because of these two. I can completely see why these two are unhealthy, and I understand that in reality this is not something that I should strive for. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t feel for the two and be happy when they finally confess to each other. I’m trash and that’s allowed when the story is fictional!

Overall, I would go into this drama knowing that at times you might be uncomfortable and if you don’t like forced kisses and intense angst, then stay away from this drama.


Also, completely unrelated, but fake dreams can go throw themselves of a cliff. I cried for a twist that didn’t actually happen!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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