HIStory: My Hero || Mini Review

Explaining this drama was a lot harder than I imagined haha

My Hero (2017) is the first HIStory story and follows Lan Xi (Patricia Lin) who is mistakenly killed, but gets the chance to win back her life if she can get her boyfriend, Ying Xiong (Aaron Lai) to kiss her within 7 days.

The only problem is that Lan Xi must do this in the body of a male.

Gu Si Ren (Yun Lin Jiang) is the poor guy whose body gets overtaken for seven days. His “essence” (is that the word? or his being?) seems to disappear so that this can take place. To be honest the plot is pretty sketchy and thin.

This drama had an interesting premise, but the execution was not good. This may have to do with the limited time, as this is only 4 episodes long and each episode is about 20 mins long. On a different note, the acting was rather ridiculous, but pretty fun.

This meant that the romance wasn’t fleshed out and was a bit confusing.

Gu Si Ren is a loner, who often gets bullied. And Ying Xiong (who wow *fans self*) sees this and offers him words of encouragement. In turn Gu Si Ren falls for him.

This poor baby gets beaten, almost to death (he’s meant to die, but the ghost collector (?) – who was hilarious by the way! – gets it mixed up), before he can confess to Ying Xiong.

Then he gets his body taken over. Which is where the bl stops. At least that’s my opinion. There are times where it is obvious that Ying Xiong was not happy with his relationship with Lan Xi when she was alive, but they actually start being cute (albeit without Ying Xiong not knowing it’s Lan Xi). 

The way the actual bl relationship gets justified is through the diaries that the real Gu Si Ren wrote. All I can say is that if this webdrama was longer and more fleshed out, then I think I would have enjoyed this far more.

So far this storyline is my least favourite in the HIStory series.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a great day~


2 thoughts on “HIStory: My Hero || Mini Review

  1. They storyline was a little bit too complex to be fitted into just 4 eps of 20 min each. This story line would’ve worked wonders if there was longer time period, where the audience have time to actually process it by each episode. They just stuff in so much in every ep, that honestly I had to watch each episode min twice b4 I got the story( it also maybe bcoz I am bad at processing😅). The romance didn’t get enough time to unravel beautifully, I feel.

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