“HIStory 2: Right or Wrong” Mini Review

This might honestly be the most wholesome bl I have ever watched!

Right or Wrong is part of the HIStory web drama franchise (is that what you would call it? I don’t know haha). All the stories are separate and this is the only one I have seen, but that’s going to change!

tumblr_p4mk2xoDF71qdlyjwo8_r1_400Right or Wrong is about how the lives of a divorced professor, Shi Yi Jie (Jiang Chang Hui) and one of his 19yr old students, Fai Sheng Zhe (Zhang Xing), become entangled.

Shi Yi Jie has a young child, YuYu (who is so adorable โ™ฅ), but he often neglects her to focus on his anthropological work/studies. He ends up hiring Sheng Zhe as a nanny for YuYu.

Yi Jie gets several wake up calls from Sheng Zhe and starts to understand what’s important in his life, which for the most part is his daughter (but this is bl, so of course Sheng Zhe is important too!). Love and family become Sheng Zhe’s main priority.

The relationship between Shi Yi Jie and Fai Sheng Zhe is so beautiful. Sheng Zhe is gay and out. And he knows the harsh reality of being just that. Due to this, he becomes somewhat worried and discourages the budding relationship.

a27f92c4d65a5c749d1454d3b3af2ec6What I love most about this drama is that Shi Yi Jie is a man who was married, has a child and he is so open and welcoming of the feelings that he develops for Sheng Zhe. His feelings never waver and he is never afraid.

This is honestly one of the cutest dramas that I have ever seen. There are only 8 episodes and the relationship is well paced, however, some things felt rushed. In the second episode I was so confused as to why Sheng Zhe was cooking breakfast at Yi Jie’s apartment, until near the end when they actually state that he is now the nanny.

This is a well written bl drama and nothing felt forced or overly angsty. The little girl (whose name I cannot find, so if you know, please send that info my way~) is wonderful! The acting is absolutely perfect and YuYu is understanding about her father and Sheng Zhe’s relationship and she never bats an eyelash. YuYu understands that love is love, no matter the genders of the people.

This is an incredible drama and I watched it in one sitting! If you are new to bl, or just want a cute watch, then I would definitely recommend Right or Wrong โ™ฅ

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~

One thought on ““HIStory 2: Right or Wrong” Mini Review

  1. It was well done! Period. It has to be my favorite of the HIStory 2 season. I have no other words for how much I enjoyed it. Though you may watch the others, you won’t find a better story of this series. Yes, I’ve seen them all! They are all different for sure!!

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