‘Queen of Mystery’ Review 🔍

I finished this a while ago… so I need my brain to do some overtime haha ^^”

MysteryQueen15-00150‘Queen of Mystery’ follows the exploits of Yoo SeolOk (Choi Ganghee), who is a housewife who always dreamt of being a detective. She runs into the energetic and youthful officer of her local community, Hong JoonOh (Lee WonGeum) and she begins to help him. During this time, Seolok meets Ha WanSeung (Kwon SangWoo), a detective with a vendetta against a gang leader. Murder, investigations and bickering ensue.

MysteryQueen12-00678I really enjoyed this drama because of the well written characters (and because I love myself some good detecting). Our main lead, Yoo SeolOk was rather intriguing character. She was feisty when it came to WanSeung, criminals and those whose actions/words were unjust. However, she took so much shit from her family! Her husband, Jung SangWon (Jung KyungHo) is a prosecutor, who cares more about those he works with and what they think than his wife.

Her mother in law, Park KyungSook (Park JunKeum) treats her more like a lackey than anything else, however, I will say she is hilarious, fabulous and does care for SeolOk in her own way which is surprisingly char ming. And don’t even get me started on her sister in law, Kim HoSoon (Jeon SooJin), spoilt brat doesn’t even begin to cover it (but she does redeem herself, somewhat).

The side characters were also very memorable! (but not by name because I suck at names… haha :p). The two policemen who work under Hong JoonOh, were certainly a pair. The elder would go on patrol and by that he meant he was going to the local jimjilbang (spa) and the eager local was left to man the station (bless him).

I also loved (LOVED) SeolOk’s best friend, Kim KyungMi (Kim HyunSook)! She was sassy, independent and such a good friend. KyungMi put up with SeolOk’s terrible cooking and having her restaurant nearly burnt down, but never gave up on her. Yes, she grumbled and got angry, but she never dismissed SeolOk’s dream to be a detective, when nearly everyone else did. Her relationship with WanSeung’s boss and friend, Bae GwangTae (Ahn KilKang), was hilarious and perfect.


MysteryQueen12-00556I also enjoyed Profiler Woo (Park ByungEum). He had a very interesting way of thinking and assessing a situation. I also like how SeolOk and WanSeung irritated him a lot and how he started to integrate more into our ragtag team haha – It also doesn’t hurt that he’s rather handsome~

WanSeung, as our other main lead, was wonderful. He was to opposite SeolOk in temperament, but his passion for his job was equal to hers. He becomes softer, but doesn’t like to show it, and that’s because of SeolOk. Meanwhile, because of the freedom and encouragement through the cases SeolOk gains more confidence. Their partnership is one that works because it’s strange and because they get on each other’s nerves a lot of the time haha


There is a love triangle (square?) of sorts, but it doesn’t overstate itself. The second female lead, Jung JiWon (Shin HyunBin), could be trying at time, but from what I can recall, she had the best intentions for WangSeung. And I love smart women~ The crimes, friendships/relationships and glimpses of the past of our mains are the focuses.

MysteryQueen15-00255The acting was good, but sometimes it was a little over the top, which to be honest just added to some of the comedic moments (which we kind of needed as the drama progressed!). The production values were good too, but it’s no OCN crime drama (it aired on KBS2 by the way).

Overall, I enjoyed this drama, but I’m a little apprehensive about starting the second series. There are a lot of loose ends at the end of the drama which I’d like to see how they are tied up. It’s the same writer, but different directors and that can really impact a drama’s atmosphere. And I haven’t heard the best things… I may do a first thoughts post~

What did you think about Queen of Mystery?

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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