Queen of the Ring || Mini Review πŸ’

During these 6 episodes I went through a lot of emotions!

Queen of the Ring is part of the Three Colour Fantasy series on MBC. They are mini-dramas that have a fantastical element.


Nanhee (Kim Seulgi) falls for the handsome Segun (Ahn Hyoseop) who is part of the fashion department in her university, while she is in the fine art department. Nanhee hates her appearance and blames it on her mother, especially as her father is handsome~

Nanhee’s mother reveals that she bagged her handsome husband with the help of a ring, handed down through the generations, which turns the wearer in the “ideal woman” of the man they want to love them.

The ring causes a lot of shenanigans, both hilarious and sad.


At the start of the drama, I had several moments where I just wanted to stop watching this drama. The idea of a ring making you “beautiful” in the eyes of your crush rubbed me the wrong way, especially when Segun was hung up on beautiful girls and would get bored of them.

21However, around the 4th episode (I think haha), I got on board with the plot. Segun was fickle, but he was a good friend to Nanhee (when she looks like herself) and would often stand up for her, even when she wasn’t there.

The friendship between Nanhee and Segun, is what got me on board.

Nanhee was a fun female lead to follow. She was kind, which often meant she got the short end of the stick, but she always persevered and gave every task her full attention. Kim Seulgi is the reason why I watched this drama because she is a wonderful actress and I was not disappointed here. She pretty much carries the drama.

Segun was often frustrating as he was the usual male lead, a guy who doesn’t listen to his own feelings and just ignores them… ugh so annoying! But he was endearing~ Ahn Hyoseop was a little awkward in this role, but he has a lot of potential (as I enjoyed his acting in Splash Splash Love).Β 

262A lot of the other side characters were for comedy relief, especially Nanhee’s parents (Hwang Junmin and Jeon Nomin) and the two leads best friends (Choi Taehwan and Kim Minyoung) in their departments. The second female lead, Mijoo (Yoon Sohee), fell into the trope of mean girl, but had some sort of redemption. For the second male lead, Taehyun (Lee Taesun), that was a different story and I will admit, for most of the drama, I had second lead syndrome *cries*

Overall, this drama took a while for me to warm up to, but I’m glad I finished it. The message was well portrayed in the last couple of episodes and the cuteness really helped my heart to become endeared to the main couple.

I would recommend this drama for those who have some issues with their appearance, but persevere with the drama to get the most out of it! ❀


Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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