Soompi Music Chart || Review || Jan Week 1 🎵🎵

Time for some more Kpop music thanks to Soompi’s Singles Music Chart~

Week 1 of January sees several of the same songs from the end of 2017. All have dropped at least one spot, and if you want to see my thoughts on those songs, go here ^^

No. 1 Heart Shaker – TWICE

TWICE have moved up 9 spaces from last week to nab the No. 1 spot.

Personally, TWICE aren’t the kind of band that I would listen to on a regular basis. I always find that their choruses are the only parts of the song that I truly like. Heart Shaker is no different. The chorus is fun, catchy and cute.

The problem I had with the rest of the song was that the voices aren’t as strong as I’m used to, even in comparison with other large girl groups.

The video was a little hectic and colourful, but it was a nice spin on the usual box kind of video. The dance is adorable and fun and I wish I could dance! I want to learn it haha

I feel like TWICE is one of those groups who I would only really like if I listened to their songs on a loop and watched their variety.

No. 6 Missing You – BTOB


I haven’t listened to BTOB in years and they have improved so much! Their voices are beautiful, melodic, strong and go so well together.

And that ending! I adore boy groups who sing ballads. This is when I know that I should continue to listen to a group (and I will look into the BTOB songs I’ve missed) because it’s when they sing ballads that my heart is captured.

One thing though, I have enough knowledge of BTOB to find it a tad amusing when they act really angsty or emotional in videos. Especially Eunkwang… 😂

No. 7 Yes – Minseo

This song is one of Yoon Jongshin’s Monthly projects and if, like me, you had no idea what that was, here is a good link that explains everything.  Simply put, this is a way for Yoon Jongshin to show talent in an interesting way and in such a way that fits his vision for his songs (from what I understand, he writes all the songs. Correct me if I’m wrong).

Minseo’s voice is absolutely beautiful and I could listen to her sing all day. Her voice has a calming effect and yet conveys so much emotion. I’m looking forward to hearing what she does next.

No. 8 Gift – MELOMANCE

This is an interesting duo. Kim Minseok is the vocalist, while Jeong Donghwan is the pianist.

Minseok’s voice is different and interesting, but I think I would need to listen to him several more times to truly get used to his voice and truly enjoy it. Even so the song was heartwarming and the video was cute and made me smile.

Donghwan is immediately my favourite, simply because anyone who can play the piano immediately becomes 100x more sexy haha 😂

No. 9 When We Were Two – Urban Zakapa

Please don’t hate me, but without the video, I don’t think I would have listened to this all the way through. The video was so beautiful, the colours, the people (aka Choi Taejoon and Lee Sungkyung), but the voices were a let down.

Personally, the tones of Urban Zakapa don’t really match well with each other and don’t exactly match well with my ears… I’m glad I listened to it, but I don’t think I would go out of my way to listen to Urban Zakapa on my own (I also keep calling them Urban Zapaka by accident… haha).

And there we have it! What are your thoughts on some of January Week 1’s songs on Soompi’s charts? Are there songs you would have preferred to see within the Top 10 spots?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~



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