Splash Splash Love ❤ Review

Hello! I started doing recaps of this, but life got in the way 😭 but! I finally finished it, and here is a little review (with some spoilery pics so be warned):

Danbi (Kim Seulgi) is a student who is overwhelmed by her university entrance exam. While she is running from her responsibilities she falls through a puddle into the Joseon era. Lee Do (Yoon Doojoon) is the King at the time and has a struggle of his own. Droughts and an epidemic are spreading through the nation, but through Danbi’s hidden intellect the problem may just be solved.

This was one of the cutest drama’s I have ever seen. Kim Seulgi is a wonderful female lead, with her comedic acting and expressive features. There were scenes that could have fallen flat and/or have been cringey, but Seulgi made them hit all the right spots. Paired with Doojoon, who played Lee Do as a stoic, yet incredibly adorable and cute puppy, these two leads were very enjoyable to watch.

The side characters, Queen Sohun (Jin Kijoo) and Che Ahjin (Ahn Hyoseop) were great. Queen Sohun started as a jealous wife and honestly I can’t blame her. But her develop was lovely to see, and who can’t bond over ramen haha 🙂. Ahjin was one of those people who you wanted with all your heart not be a bad person, if only because his brother was adorable!! My only qualm was I would have liked to see more of them, but I’m still satisfied as to what the writers decided to show.

The plot was rather complex for a webdrama with only 10 (short) episodes. As well as the time-travel, learning and love storylines, the usual court drama was woven into the events of Splash Splash Love as well. Thankfully, nothing seemed rushed or boring. And honestly, if you don’t like the more serious aspects, the cuteness of the main leads will solve that problem! Even so, I cried each episode from 6 onwards. At times it was just because I was too happy…

The cinematography, for the most part, was wonderful and I will always love the aesthetic of a Sageuk! Some of the scenes were a bit jarring, just because the light balance seemed a little off, but all in all, this was a beautiful drama.

I know this probably won’t happen, but I really want a second series, of the same length about what happens at the end! It would be so cute! ❤ And I swear to god, every time I see a yellow umbrella, my heart feels happy ❤

Would you like to watch Splash Splase Love? Any particular reasons for yes? or no?

If you alreay have, what were your thoughts on Splash Splash Love? Did you love it? Not mind it? Or hate it?

Thank you for reading~


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