#Dramathon1 Wrap Up!

Hello! It is the 15th of August and #dramathon1 ended 10 hrs ago for me. I did not stay up that late because I am an old lady, but here is my wrap up!

Wrap Up Stats:

Episode Count: 30

Dramas Completed: 2.5/4

  • Painless: The Eyes For Signs
    • This drama was really good! It wasn’t what I was expecting, and to be honest turned out to be more to my taste than the usual medical drama – I only cried once haha ^^” The characters were really interesting, as was the premise of being able to see markers of criminal intent in people. I did think that Tameyori-san was great, I loved his relationship with Kazue-san.
    • The only problem I had with this drama was Hayase. I feel like I was supposed yelpto feel sorry for him or at least be sympathetic, but I wasn’t. At. All. He seeks justice, but in a way that is not right. He hates Article 39, which is used by those whose mental state is unstable and the reason why they committed a crime (generally murder). He seeks justice, but thinks everyone is lying about their mental health to get off using this “loop hole”. He is a detective and everything about this certain character (I won’t spoil you ^^) screams that he is being manipulated and because of his medical condition, does not fully understand certain things, yet he ignores it all. Even when Tameyori basically screams it at him, he’s like “nah. He’s lying.” I wanted to punch some sense into this little shorty. ugh.
    • Apart from that rant, I really enjoyed it, really I swear haha ^^”
  • Wednesday 3:30pm
    • This was super cute and fluffy for the majority of the drama. I enjoyed the Hongbin_1491872559_af_orgmain two characters, JaeWon and EunWoo. JaeWon was rather refreshing as he tended to be very honest about his feelings and intentions. EunWoo had this quality as well, but in lesser supply. Therefore, there interactions were generally very telling and sweet because of the honesty between them.
    • If you want a short little webdrama, with romance, comedy and a tiny bit of angst (and don’t mind some super cringey dialogue), then I would definitely recommend this one!

Uncompleted Dramas:

  • Full House Thai
    • I only managed to watch 10 episodes of this drama and I am so glad that I f228917d081dd37c95b1c06ee4a532fc--k-drama-full-housecontinued with this one! The first episode was pretty much boring, until the end when our leads actually met and that was hilarious, right from the get go. Understandably the chemistry between our leads is wonderful (the two actors being in a relationship definitely helps) and the actual events are super cute and funny. Of course there is drama and angst, and some of the characters are so annoying… why must the second female lead generally be a huge bitch?!
    • What I will say is AomAm is too nice sometimes. I know this is based on the manga, but seriously. If my sister tricked me into leaving the country and then sold my house without me knowing, I would be at the nearest police station in a flash! Wouldn’t you??
  • My Love From The Star
    • I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t get round to this one, considering it was the one that fell under the category ‘Watch a Drama You’ve Been Meaning To’… but hey ho, drama watching most definitely won’t be stopping anytime soon! I’ll get round to it eventually ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the last 10 days. I had a lot of extended family in our home during that time and three of them were under the age of 10yrs old (children are sooo tiring, I’m so glad I got to give them back haha ^^”). I managed to watch 2 dramas and get halfway done with another and I did all the challenges that I set! I’m proud of myself! โค

I plan on finishing Full House Thai during this week and getting back to the dramas I ignored during the #dramathon1: The Perfect Match, Bromance and A Witch’s Romance.

Thank you for reading! Happy drama watching~


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