#Dramathon1 || Update and Challenge || Day 3

Hello! It is day 3 of #dramathon1 and I’m having a pretty good time all on my own haha ^^”


So far in the first 2 days, I have watched 1 drama:

  • Wednesday 3:30pm

wednesday-330pm-780x436This drama was actually rather cute and fluffy! A lot of the dialogue was unrealistic and cringey, but that something I forgive a cute face and HongBin sure has one of those haha ^^”

I liked how honest the male lead was and how there was already a cute established friendship between the male and female lead (even if they haven’t seen each other in a while) and how the females were rather supportive of each other.

Of course there was angst, but it wasn’t overdone and didn’t go on for too long.

Overall, if you want a short little drama that is mostly cute and fluff, then I would recommend this. I also have a thing for fake relationships becoming real haha ^^”

I finished a drama which I was currently watching:

  • Secret Forest

I think I’m going to write a whole post on this drama, but honestly, it may take a while because I’m STILL THINKING ABOUT IT!! It was so good and I don’t want to fangirl, I want to be critical and concise (which can be hard for me!).

And now for the CHALLENGE! (aka where I regret setting this one because I’m so bad at poetry ๐Ÿ˜‚)

6th August! (Day 3):

  • Make an acrostic poem using the title or a main characters name.
  • EunWoo is the main female lead in Wednesday 3:30pm, who is played by Jin KiJoo

Wednesday2End of my relationship happens

Unites me with a cute coffee loving boy.

Now I leave work early

Wednesday’s are my time to be young again.

Over time I realise my feelings.

Over time I leave my past behind.

I thought I would integrate a bit of the plot into this, hopefully it’s not too bad ^^”

Plans for Today:

I have the house to myself for most of today because my family is going out with visiting relatives, so I have time for dramas! Although I do need to film a wrap up for my channel, so:

Painless: The Eyes for Signs

  • I started episode 1 yesterday, but I had to amuse 3 children yesterday and I only got about 5 mins into it ^^”
  • I want to watch 4 or 5 episodes.

Thanks for reading! Happy drama watching~


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