#Dramathon1 || Day 1 Plans + Challenge

Hello! It is Day 1 of Dramathon1 and I’m actually rather excited to just watch as much of the 4 dramas on my list as I can! ๐Ÿ˜

Plans For Today:

My plans for today are rather simple:

  • Watch Episode 16 of Secret Forest – I need to watch this, and I put it off yesterday because episode 14 and 15 made me cry so much! Especially 14, writer-nim what did I do to deserve that?! haha
  • I’m going to be starting the WebDrama challenge first and I’m going to try and watch as much of ย Wednesday 3:30pm as possible today.

What are your drama watching plans for today? I’m going to try and be active on the dramathon twitter, so if you want to chat about the dramas you are watching follow me @dramabinge10 ๐Ÿ™‚

4th August! (Day 1):

  • Think of a plot that has as many tropes in as possible!

Dramas are full of tropes that we love and hate, but can you think of a plot that has as many of them as possible?ย 

A young poor girl (who has the latest phone because duh that makes sense right?) finds herself dealing with a rude handsome young chaebol. She then finds out he is her new boss (the first day involves a lot of hiding behind desks and that one female friend you have in the office who gives no fucks and is hilarious, but then she probably spills coffee on him or something). Our female lead probably does all the jobs no one wants to and gets into trouble when someone palms there work to her but doesn’t tell her, so she and chaebol boss spend all night sorting it out, of course he puts his jacket over he when she falls asleep (because our lead only does nice things when she isn’t there or is unconscious!) and they both wake up next to each other. They start to fall in love and we get a backstory for the chaebol that his brother died in an accident – low and behold so did the parent/s of our female lead – and he thinks it’s his fault, but it isn’t. Then his mother/aunt is a bitch and blames it on our female leads parent/s and this causes them to break up, but then they find out it wasn’t their fault and they live happily ever after because our chaebol stands up to his mother/aunt. Also there is probably a cute grandparent in this mix and lots of backhugs and at some point an awkward kiss scene.

So, what do think about this drama? Tropey enough or could you add some more to this mix? I’m pretty I would watch this though haha ^^”

I’d love to see what you came up with, so link me to your post if you do one or use the comments to pitch the most trope filled drama you can imagine!

Thank you for reading~


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