#Dramathon1 Challenges for Fun!

Hello! Dramathon is nearly upon us (or me haha ^^”) I thought it would be fun to have little challenges to do every other day in the 10 day watchathon! Here they are:

4th August! (Day 1):

  • Think of a plot that has as many tropes in as possible!

Dramas are full of tropes that we love and hate, but can you think of a plot that has as many of them as possible? 

6th August! (Day 3):

  • Make an acrostic poem using the title or a main characters name.

Acrostic poems are something that I used to do a lot when I was in primary school and they can be pretty fun, so I thought it would be a good challenge. If you don’t know what an acrostic poem is, here is a video on bitesize that will help or here is a bad example from me:

Did you ever have stuff to do

Rain is pouring down outside

And you don’t want to do important stuff

Make something to eat

And put on a drama!

8th August (Day 5):

  • Screenshot your favourite scene of the episode you are currently watching.

There are wonderful scenes, be they funny, heartwarming or just beautifully shot, in dramas. This drama is simply to share those that you really like! 

10th August! (Day 7):

  • Try and screenshot the derpiest face on the characters of your choice.

Actors and actresses in dramas are generally always so handsome and beautiful! So pausing while a beautiful person is talking, eating or moving can have funny outcomes!

12th August! (Day 9):

  • Write dating profiles for a character/s of your choice.

After (hopefully) you’ve seen a couple of the dramas and gotten to know a few characters, I thought it would be a fun to make dating profiles for some of the characters! 

You can do all, none or as many as you like! These are all just to have fun with and if you do any of these be sure to link me or @me on twitter (@dramabinge10) or use the hashtag #dramathon1 – You can either do these on blogs or on twitter, whichever you prefer! 🙂

Happy drama watching!~

Dramathon1 = 4th August – 14th August

More details about the Dramathon can be found here or ask me any questions you have in the comments or on twitter (either @dramarambles or @dramabinge10)


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