Hello! After participating in several readathons I really wanted to bring the same concept over to Dramarambles, therefore here is DRAMATHON!! Here are the details:

When Is It? For How Long?

4th August – 14th August. For 10 days!

I’m planning on doing one of these maybe every month or every two months – especially considering I’ll be starting my 3rd year of Uni in September.


It wouldn’t be a -thon without challenges. Due to it being a 10 day -thon I thought that 4 challenges would be a… challenge haha ^^” Here they are:

1. Watch A Drama You’ve Been Meaning To

Do you have a drama that you’ve been meaning to watch for ages, but you’ve just never gotten round to it? This is your chance and reason to sit down and finally watch it!

2. Change It Up

Is there are genre of drama that you’ve never watched before? Or is there a genre that you don’t watch very often? The time has come to move out of your drama comfort watching zone!

3. Watch A WebDrama

Web-dramas can be a huge gem that you don’t expect and during a -thon and as most are short they are ideal!

4. Where Am I?

Do you tend to just watch dramas from one country? Say South Korea or Japan? All countries make dramas and there are some amazing ones out there that you are missing out on. I know from my Twitter timeline and the blogs I follow on WordPress this community tends to at some point venture from country to country – therefore, this challenge is not limited to Asian countries. Look at a map and think hmmm. I wonder what their tv programmes are like.


1. My Love From Another Star – Korea

This is a drama that was super popular when it came out, but I just never got round to watching it. It stars Kim SooHyun and Jun JiHyun and from what I’ve heard it’s hilarious! I hope it lives up to my expectations, because at this point – after 3-4 years – they are high!

2. Painless: The Eyes for Sign – Japan

I never really watch Medical dramas, I’m too fragile and cry in pretty much every episode when I do (people who are ill or dying make my heart hurt and it hits far too close to home and I can’t handle it). However, for this challenge, I’m going to delve in and drink lots of water to replenish my tear ducts haha 😂And I haven’t really watched a Japanese Drama for a long time, so that should be fun.

3. Wednesday 3:30PM – Web Drama

This is a new web drama, that stars Lee Hong-bin (VIXX), Jin KiJoo, Ahn BoHyun and Cha JungWon. I haven’t seen HongBin in anything, but I love VIXX and the premise of this drama seems cute and I get the impression that a fake relationship will become real and that is a trope I shamelessly enjoy!

4. Full House – Thai Drama

I don’t think I’ve seen a Thai Drama (or if I have, I don’t assume I watched the whole thing). I chose this one because I have heard a lot of good things about the leads chemistry – Mike D’Angelo and Sushar Manaying. I have tried to watch the Korean version with Rain and Song HyeKyo… and I couldn’t even get through the first episode :/

So that’s what I plan on watching for this DRAMATHON! If you plan of joining me, let me know what your ‘TBW’ is by commenting down below or linking to a blog post.

I’m planning on using a Twitter to tweet about the dramas, talk to anyone who wishes to participate and write encouraging tweets that if no one else needs (because noone else does it hahaha ^^”) I will need! (Plus it won’t feel like procrastination when it definitely is! 😂)

Twitter handle: @dramabinge10

I’m planning on using the hashtag #DRAMATHON1

Thanks for reading! I hope you can come join me and that you are having a lovely day~


3 thoughts on “LET’S DO A DRAMATHON!

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  2. My Love From Another Star is a wonderful drama. In fact one of the best. Make sure you watch Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, if you haven’t seen it already, because it is the best thing the South Koreans have produced. Simply marvellous.

    In recent times there has been some excellent Chinese dramas coming through e.g. Across The Ocean To See You and Love Me If You Dare. I really enjoy Japanese dramas and find some of the Thai dramas are getting there. I’m also finding Turkish dramas and films are also very good.


    • I’m looking forward to starting My Love from Another Star. I’ve heard good things about Weightlifting Fairy KBJ, but I’m not sure if I’ll like, but I’m willing to give it a go 🙂 I agree, a lot of countries are steping up their drama game, especially the south east Asian countries.
      I’ve never seen any Turkish dramas or films, do you have any recommendations?


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