Splash Splash Love ♥ Episode 5 Recap

I was not emotionally prepared for this episode, especially the last half!

Lee Do stops himself from kissing the unconscious DanBi, but moves her to a more comfortable place. When DanBi wakes up later (the effects of the aphrodisiac gone) she is threatened by Lee Do, whom she is once again clinging to.

However, Mr-I-Don’t-Have-Time-To-Go-Out-In-Disguise promptly tells DanBi that he will take her home and tells her his life story.

Lee Do imparts some wisdom, that the higher you climb the more you have to tolerate and even being King means you can’t do just anything you want. He offers her a place in his office if he can succeed with his goal, but DanBi declines, reminding him that she will leave when it rains. Undeterred by this, Lee Do reveals that he is truly thankful for her help and that he can breathe now because of her presence (he is being so open! I love this!). 

DanBi is equally happy to help and happy to hear his further compliments. However, her happiness falters a little when Lee Do suggests his wish that they be friends, stressing the “man-to-man” aspect (I’m not liking it so much now haha), but she forces a smile and agrees to the friendship.

Having safely walked DanBi home, Lee Do takes his leave. A shout of “chingu” stops him and DanBi happily throws the orange, that she has been saving for him, to him. (haha when he finally left, that kid had her bra on his head *dies*).

The creepy minister had a spy follow the King and tells father-in-law that Lee Do has kept the “sky-eunuch” with him. They now have a reason to have DanBi executed because there is still a warrant out for her arrest.

DanBi is dragged from her home in the middle of the night and in the morning is tied to several horses. Meanwhile, Lee Do is putting forward her case, even though all the ministers want her dead.

Lee Do is angered by their lack of interest in the knowledge that DanBi has, especially when they are supposed to be helping the people and not just reaping the benefits of their work. Creepy Minister agrees to drop the execution completely, but only if DanBi is able to all them to tell the time when it’s cloudy.

After the meeting, Lee Do is not happy as in Joseon, the sun is the time. He then wonders if this task is more a slight to him, as he is the Sun. Head of the students believes it to be a trap to undermine him and the study group and suggests Lee Do throw DanBi away, because she is “useless” now (erm, I liked you, maybe not so much now) and a fortnight is not enough time for her to do what has been asked (aww DanBi overheard that bit *cries*).

DanBi is home and asks AhJin whether they will actually kill her, to which AhJin simply says yes. That is not unusual to be thrown away once you become useless. He then bluntly tells her that instead of talking she should just solve the problem. He tries to leave after he tells her that they should live individually, but DanBi grabs a hold of his hand and the puppy dog eyes come into play.

The next thing we see is AhJin helping DanBi. Meanwhile, Lee Do is missing his little eunuch. So he sneaks out of the palace at night and finds her asleep outside her home surrounded by her books and equations. He leaves an encouraging drawing on her paper for her when she wakes up (he drew the picture that was on the orange! My heart!).

The days go by and Lee Do is definitely not happy. He’s outside playing football at night and keeps missing the goal. His thoughts are on DanBi and we see that he was going to send her home when he promised to and that he patted her in her sleep while she was cuddled up to him. We see that his feelings are becoming known to him. Lee Do then steps back and runs up to the ball, scoring. (ooh metaphor!).

We then get a further glimpse of the conversation with the Head scholar, Lee Do believes in DanBi 100%, at the same moment, DanBi solves a problem that she has been struggling with all night.

And then the rain comes.

DanBi gets changed into her school uniform and goes over to the nearest puddle. Meanwhile, Lee Do is running (full pelt) to her home.

they-are-hugging-i-need-someone-to-hold-me-hahaThankfully, he didn’t need to worry too much about not finding her there, because when he goes to where her experiment is, DanBi is still in Joseon.

While explaining that she tried her best to prove that she isn’t useless, DanBi starts crying, exclaiming that she’s actually bad at maths (my poor baby!). Lee Do walks over to her and tells her it’s okay. That he tried his best too and that there is no answer. Lee Do puts DanBi’s hand to his heart and then pulls her into a hug.

Additional Comments:

I absolutely love the development of Lee Do’s character and I’m actually really impressed with Yoon DooJoon’s acting.

There was a great amount of realisation for our male lead. I’m so on board with this OTP, however, I do feel a tad uncomfortable when I remember that the King is married… What about you?

Thank you for reading~


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