Splash Splash Love ❤ Episode 3 Recap

This drama just gets better and better!

The “romantic” atmosphere is dashed when Lee Do grabs her and marches her to his desk, where DanBi is shocked to discover he doesn’t know numbers (but how can he do maths?…). DanBi tells him she will teach him the problem he wants to know the solution to after he takes a test. He proudly states that he has never gotten a question wrong, DanBi happily suggests ‘a forehead flick’ for the opposite happens.

Lee Do is momentarily distracted from the conversation, as he wonders how DanBi can look him in the eyes. To DanBi, it is obvious, how can you teach someone if you don’t look at them. Being a King, he admits that this is rare, and that people are generally bowing. To dispel the sad atmosphere, Lee Do gears himself up to take a test by loosening his hands (so cute!).

We are then given a cute montage of DanBi fumbling through her Joseon life. One evening she rummages through her bag, remembering that she has food in it, but realises that she has left a triangle-kimbap at the palace. Hilariously, Lee Do finds it and thinks it’s a bomb! (He lit it and threw it out the window!!! Why did he light it?!?) 

We also see that Lee Do is still fascinated with the concept of a pen and writes notes on his hand to study while he’s supposed to be listening to the ministers!

It’s lesson time again and the pair are playing a timestable game to the beat of Hy0Seop’s recorder like instrument. Lee Do pauses to contain his anger when he gets a question wrong and DanBi smacks him in the forehead (that was more than a simple ddakbam!). Meanwhile, HyoSeop puts his sword to her throat and even the head eunuch rushes in.

Lee Do stiffly laughs and says that it’s alright, throwing a ball at the eunuch to throw him out. A few more rounds go by and Lee Do is ecstatic when he finally beats DanBi, he jumps up and declares that he will cut her arm off!

Thankfully, the Queen chooses this time to arrive and see how Lee Do is. The three rush to hide any trace of their lesson and closeness. Lee Do pretends to be taking music lessons and praises HyoSeop in his talent at making the wooden instrument himself. After the royal mean arrives, the Queen and HyoSeop leave the King to eat. The Queen wants to know why HyoSeop was beside the King, assuming that he has become his loyal dog. She is angered (and upset) when he tells her that she has too and then walks away (did these two have a thing?).

say-ahhhhLee Do dismisses the servants from his room after DanBi’s stomach starts growling. He then teases her by tricking her into thinking he was going to feed her. He calls her lower class and this angers DanBi, who bites back saying the lower class have better food. She then takes him to a kitchen and gets out a ddeokbokki cup. Which Lee Do LOVES!

The next day, he isn’t so in love with it, when he thinks that he’s has a spell put on him, but it’s only his stomach having disagreeing with the ddeokbokki spiciness. DanBi then has to explain to him about how you get an upset stomach. Lee Do admits that DanBi is more useful than he thought she would be, and leads her through a secret tunnel to an anatomy lesson being held by scholars.

pressure-was-hurting-her-confidenceHer subsequent lessons are used to create a couple of medical textbooks. While they are outside, DanBi teaches them about agriculture and takes a few cute pictures on her mobile with the King (this was so cute!).

A new project is made to get all the farmers to change their soil and those who helped with the project got an orange from Tamna Island. Once alone in the Kings room, he gives DanBi another one for being so useful, but is appalled at how she eats the whole thing. While is leaving, Lee Do tells her not to get lost and that their are ghosts wandering around the city. DanBi is sure that this is about the orange and exclaims that she didn’t know they were so precious is Joseon.

Lee Do then throws a ball at her and they play football outside. Well, it’s more that Lee Do kicks the ball and makes DanBi run after it! While DanBi is complaining, he asks how she could just eat the orange and not even offer him a piece! (he’s basically a 5 year old :p). DanBi then starts to talk about how he isn’t even running and says that he is King so he should be able to do what he wants. She then blows a raspberry at him and runs off giggling, Lee Do follows at a speed walk.

He finally starts to run and catches her easily, throwing the both of them to the ground. Lee Do says that it felt good to run and when he hits DanBi’s chest, he quickly leans over her, telling her to tell him the truth, saying that she dared to deceive him.

Additional Comments:

This episode was beyond adorable. I was smiling the entire way through!! Lee Do is really opening up and is a complete dork. I’m really impressed with the writing and the acting, I haven’t watched any of the main characters in anything before.

As always Seulgi is the stand out actor and I love her 😍

This drama is beautiful (tbh all sageuks are!) and the characters certainly seem intriguing~

Thanks for reading~


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