Splash Splash Love ❤ Episode 2 Recap

So far this wonderful. I’m so excited to see what DanBi does next ^0^

While everyone has their heads bowed and are praying for rain, DanBi uses this moment to scarper. To hide from the guards who are trying to find her, DanBi changes into Eunuch robes (she drew on a moustache and beard! I love her so much!). 

Instead of getting away from the King, she finds herself ushered into a hall with the other Eunuchs and ministers. Lee Do explains that he will pluck out the eyes and execute the Eunuch who insulted him (uh-oh).

He then turns to how the country solves their problems. Lee Do believes that maths and science should be used instead of just superstition. However, he is met with opposition from two important ministers, who explain that maths is against their tradition (mine too :p).

One of the ministers reveals that one of the people from the weather department says that the drought is due to the lack of heir and implores the King to sleep with the Queen on the chosen day. Again, while everyone present is bowing, DanBi shuffles away (haha).

Said minister turns out to be his father-in-law. He tells his daughter that the sky is helping them turn the King into a puppet (bad guy alert!). His reverie is halted when he notices that the Queen has been eating and has gotten sauce on her robe, to which she replies that it’s from a nosebleed (is this the best friend?!).

Father-in-law reminds the Queen that she needs to give birth to a child to secure her position and that if she has no dream, she should embrace his of being the King.

Meanwhile, DanBi has gone back to fetch her phone, which she dropped. Unfortunately, she is caught.

The King is now with the scholars and is unhappy to learn that it has taken them 3 days to solve a Pythagoras problem – incorrectly. One of the Eunuchs (who seems to be on his side) apologises for not having anyone at his disposal that is good at arithmetic. Lee Do reminds him that they can’t let the old ministers get over them.

Their conversation is cut short by Che AhJin (Ahn HyoSeop) who needs to speak with the King.

DanBi is taken to a building outside of the palace to meet the King. Looking out over the city, DanBi realises fully that she is in the Joseon era, and wonders if she will go home once it rains. At hearing that it hasn’t rained for 3 years, DanBi is very shocked. She gets pushed to her knees and Lee Do hold a sword to her throat.

After putting the sword away, the King explains that he doesn’t believe that she is a child from the heavens, but admits there’s something strange about her.

AhJin gives Lee Do DanBi’s phone and he demands to know where the rain is coming from on the screen. DanBi explains that she is from the future and somehow got here because of the rain, and that the rain on screen is part of an app which tells you the weather. He then drops the phone when he accidentally takes a picture of himself (he got startled by the flash, how cute~).

After regaining himself, he snatches the phone back from DanBi, but is angered by not understanding the concept of turning it off to save battery.

AhJin then helpfully suggests they cut off one of DanBi’s arms (how would that help?!) and Lee Do completely agrees and goes to take the proffered sword. To prevent the loss of her limb, DanBi shouts that she is a mathematician.

Back at the palace, Lee Do gives DanBi a maths problem and tells her she has two days to solve it, but is shocked to find out that she can’t read Hanja (traditional Chinese characters). He goes for the sword, but stops when DanBi starts to solve the problem, after realising it’s Pythagoras (I love that the King is so shocked by seeing a pen for the first time). DanBi solves the problem in the space of a few minutes.

Lee Do is further awed that most people become ‘gosam’ (HS seniors/Eunuch) in the future and  is further inspired with proceeding with maths. DanBi is then ordered to teach him all she knows about maths to not be executed.

After giving DanBi a piece of gold, Lee Do tells her that he thinks she will be very useful (aww it’s as though this is the first time anyone has said that to her *cries*). This piece of gold is then taken by AhJin to pay the rent where it looks like DanBi is staying with him.

At her dress fitting the next day, DanBi is shocked to learn that everyone thinks she is a man (I like how she and the chief eunuch have the same relationship as in the future).

While alone in Lee Do’s study, DanBi tries to find a book to tell her which king he is, so that she can make a plan. However, all the books are in Hanja and Lee Do interrupts her search (you’re rather close Lee Do!).

Additional Comments:

This episode was adorable! I will say, seeing a good 3 minutes of the previous episode was a bit much, but the rest made up for it.

I think the characters are looking to be very interesting, especially DanBi and the King. I also think that the secondary characters, such as the Queen, her father (who I didn’t notice at first, but he’s the actor who played YangSun’s father in Scholar Who Walks The Night!!!!) and Che AhJin will bring an interesting dynamic to this drama. I just hope that they are formed well in the time this webdrama. I’m also looking forward to how they keep bringing in parallels with DanBi’s life, such as the teacher.

Also, why is Lee Do wearing her school ID around her neck in this episode?!

As was evident in the previous episode, this webdrama is going to be hilarious, and that is mainly due to Kim Seulgi right now. She is wonderful and I definitely need to check out her other work.

Thank you for reading~


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