Splash Splash Love ♥ Episode 1 Recap

Viki finally made this available in my region and I am beyond happy! I’ve heard such great thing about this drama!! And this episode was a definite strong opening! ^^

Jang DanBi (Kim Seulgi) is rudely awoken in class by her teacher shouting her name. While doing a sum on the board, she freezes and her teacher is exasperated at her not knowing her times tables. All the while it has been pouring down with rain.

While eating an orange on the sofa at home, DanBi correctly guesses that the Masked Singer on the tv is comedian Kim YoungChul. Her mother isn’t as pleased as she is, and wishes she had the same ability to solve maths problems. While Jang-Eomma is moaning about how DanBi got her bad maths skills from her father, she turns the tv over to a sageuk, which annoys DanBi.

After getting a small argument about DanBi’s future plans and the SAT that is coming up, DanBi storms out and meets her friend at a Karaoke Bar. They then go to a convenience store to eat ddeokbokki. Thinking of time moving quickly, DanBi wishes she could just disappear. Talk turns to the SAT and college, where the friend admits that she hasn’t told her parents that she wants to go to Art School. DanBi then wonders how your life can be over because of just one day (and one test, which it isn’t! Fighting!). Her friend is then picked up by her father (I wonder if DanBi’s father died or left them?).

The morning of the SAT exam is here and reluctantly DanBi gets up. While rushing out the house, Jang-Eomma throws a few things into her bag and tells DanBi that if she fails the test, there’s no hope (wow… this is why teenagers have such a hard time!), but then tells her to try her best.

DanBi hurriedly gets off the bus after dropping her books at the sudden stop and forgets her umbrella (it’s a yellow kdrama umbrella! That means good things!) and is forced to make her way to school in the pouring rain. At the school gate there are a group cheering the students on as they go in, however, the terrifying signs (that one said “if not today, then there’s no hope for life”….) and the things her mother and friend said flood her mind, causing the fear and anxiety to make her run for it.

Finally she gets to a park and wishes, once again, to disappear. Drumming gets her attention and she watches as a puddle nearby starts rippling.

We are then transported to the past, where in the Joseon era, a ritual at the palace is being made in order to ask for rain. A terrible drought has been inflicting the country for three years and many people have died. Meanwhile, King Lee Do (Yoon DooJoonis a huge skeptic of this ritual working. He tells everyone gathered that no more rain rituals will happen and goes to leave.

Meanwhile, DanBi jumps into the puddle (why was that little boy in the park when it was raining and with no adult?!) and ends up gasping for air, sat in the ritual bowl (?).

Thinking that she has somehow got in the middle of a shoot (that are you filming a sageuk was so cute!!!) she gets out her phone, only to discover that it’s not working.

Lee Do asks her if she is a goblin or a human, and everyone is shocked by the answer. DanBi tells him she is high school senior, which is the same word as ‘Eunuch’. Lee Do calls over the Chief of the Eunuchs and finds out that one of the eunuchs was disqualified and that DanBi could be.

The Chief of Eunuch’s is the spitting image of her teacher and she calls out to him, however, this action is met by guards springing up to where she is and holding swords up to her neck (which she soon discovers are real). Thankfully, the shaman believes her to be a Heaven nymph that will bring rain to the land.

Thinking quickly on her feet, DanBi recalls watching a Sageuk with her mother and imitates someone she saw in a similar situation in the drama. Those present start chanting for rain, the King withstanding that is.

Additional Comments:

This episode was heartbreaking and hilarious!

The way they showed the pressure placed on students with exams was, sadly, true of many cultures. The feeling that your life will be over if you don’t succeed in a test is such a huge weight and to be honest if I was extremely anxious and afraid, plus soaked through, I would of turned tail and ran for it too!!

I think that this will be a rather interesting, and fun drama. Especially with Seulgi at the helm! She has definitely impressed me with the opening episode and I can’t wait to watch the rest. Her comedic timing is great and she can work the emotions as well, which is wonderful.

Thanks for reading~


1 thought on “Splash Splash Love ♥ Episode 1 Recap

  1. The subheader to your blog is spot on haha. Definitely too many dramas and not enough time. The last full drama I watched must have been 3 years ago, always looking for suggestions though. This one looks fun! The faces don’t look familiar, which makes me feel like i’ve missed a whole batch of new talent haha. Anyhow, how’d you feel about sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators? I’d love to expand on that so feel free to send me an e-mail. My contact details are on my blog. Hope to hear from you.


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