Eating Existence Episode 5 Recap

A Magical Taste That Makes Everything Delicious No Matter What You Put In.

If only you could give fictional characters hugs and icecream when they are sad…

i don't want to be hereYang is bored out of her mind at a conference, thinking this is what you get for falling for pyramid schemes.

Her balance is low and it seems the pressure is surmounting upon her. We watch as Yang works in a call centre (?), but her attitude gets in the way. Other efforts are stalled before they even begin.

One day Yang goes home to find a note on her door, hoping for the rent she owes that day.

excuse me...While doing some writing, YeRi texts Yang that she should send her manuscript (or something) to YeRi’s editor friend at Gaemi Review. Happily she does so.

Later in the week Yang meets with Cha EunJae, who according to Yang is someone who has “mastered the organised society”, and tries not to be intimidated. However, her spirits are given a hit when EunJae says her book wasn’t interesting, her characters are unlikable and she can’t write romance. BUT EunJae is very much complimentary about the gangster in the story (it figures she can write those kinds of characters! Ha!). However, the meeting doesn’t go well, but EunJae tells Yang can always send her something else.

Byeong lets himself into Yang’s house that night, and finds her on the kitchen floor holding two spoons to her face repeating that it’s okay to be average (Ha!). He asks if her face is alright and the puffiness is due to her sleeping after crying (aww).

She shuts the freezer door and stands, where she sobs and asks how an average and useless person like her thinks they can write (rejection is never fun…). Byeong looks as though he wants to be anywhere but her house, even so he does his best to comfort her.

Later on, the pair are at a restaurant and Yang’s spirits only rise when she tries the delicious food. Byeong is relieved and admits that whenever he went there he always thought of her. They are both happy that the soup tastes great, no matter what you put into it.

Yang is jealous of the possibilities of the soup, thinking she is but a mere dumpling inside it, but Byeong thinks on a different (and odd) wavelength. He says that everything is better when she is there. Yang smiles, thinking about what can be done when you fall in love with a young, naive person. She then shout out an order for more meat.

Byeong leans over and asks her to order more soup, while she does so, Byeong looks at her with something close to awe.

Back at home and alone, Yang think about the meeting with EunJae, hoping that someday she will be a writer. Yang wants to be special, just the soup!

Additional Comments:

This was an emotional episode and it made me appreciate the character of Yang a lot more. She may try to be incredibly strong, but that isn’t really case, especially in a society where it’s hard to truly succeed.

I do think that Yang is going to do her best to fight back and keep writing, but hopefully she starts writing what she wants to, instead of what she thinks others want.

Byeong is still as mysterious, yet super naive as always. I do hope that his character gets more chance to grow in the next few episodes. I know that this story is fundamentally Yang’s, but I feel that he may have a bigger role to play later on.

Thank you for reading~


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