Eating Existence Episode 4 Recap

You Are Mine, But You Are Still Like Mine, Even if You Are Not

(This doesn’t seem grammatically or structurally correct…)

While trying to talk herself out of feeling hungry, Yang stumbles on some good news online. The concert that she missed because of the work party (?) was cancelled and thus rescheduled.

However, once she gets to the venue, Yang is once disappointed at the show being cancelled due to the band members all being ill. Yang is pleased to hear that her trip was not wasted, as the beer is free this evening. After several cans, the bartender asks if she wants any snacks, but as they aren’t free, Yang doesn’t.

While Yang downs each drink she gets, Byeong (looking handsome, but blurry) is playing passionately on the drums. He stops playing and his body grabs the attention of a drunk Yang.

Once fully clothed we watch as he eats and plays his rice cake as a recorder… while Yang is obviously staring with desire (at him or the rice cake, it’s hard to tell… this seems all very sexual! Ha!). Byeong walks over and asks if she wants some, to which he has to eat first. Then after taking a bite herself, Yang asks in a “cute” voice if she can have some more.

Yang wakes up in the morning at her flat, but she is not alone (why are they sleeping top and tail?). Of course her memory slowly comes back and she is rather embarrassed at what she had said.

We watch as she stumbles home, while Byeong makes sure she doesn’t fall over. They get to her flat and Yang (creepily) beckons him in, reassuring him that the military uniform hanging up outside is a lie.

Yang hurriedly gets dressed and is about to sneak out when she realises that she’s in her own home. Yang goes over and takes a peek at the sleeping Byeong and is happy at what she see. To miss this opportunity, Yang undresses and slips under the covers next to him.

Now awake, Byeong turns over and asks Yang how she is feeling. Yang is bashful about doing many embarrassing things on their first meeting, but Byeong smiles and explains that he enjoyed his time with her (his smile is so darn attractive! *dies*).

After a while, the pair are sat up and Byeong starts asking the important questions, like whether or not she likes rice noodles. On this note the pair find something that they mutually really like.

Additional Comments:

I’m kind of not sure if I like this webdrama… there are some aspects that I love, such as how confident Yang (although it seems a lot of it is based on lies), and of course the fact that Byeong, though a bit passive, seems like he is going to be an adorable character.

I think that now the two characters have met and interacted, that the webdrama will become more interesting and have more of a definite storyline that I can get on board with.

*Fingers Crossed*

Also, go check out very early TRAX music videos for what I can only describe as a “magical experience”…. pahahahahaha oh my gosh, whoever moans about MinWoo’s hair, I just want to direct them to that era and be like ‘at least it isn’t this’!

Thank you for reading~


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