Eating Existence Episode 3 Recap

The Taste of Love That I’ve Forgotten

I want cake now… *cries*

Yang is writing in her room (to enter a competition I think), but her imagination is not playing today. The phrase “Imitation is the mother of Creation” leads Yang to flip through some of her books and finding inspiration from The Little Prince.

Now hungry, Yang wonders around the streets in despair whenever she passes a restaurant. At a cashpoint she finds that she only has just over 50,ooo Won left (about £30) and grumbles that now she is hungry is when she has no money!

Having decided to just spend the money she has left, believing in her writing talent to make things work out, Yang happily heads home to change into something that screams “writer” (so writers wear mismatched, rather ugly outfits?… haha). 

Yangs hunger leads her to a bakery. She isn’t worried about calories today and picks a large slab of red velvet cake to eat out on a park bench.

While distracted by a couple nearby, Yang looks back to her cake to find a small dog digging into it. The owner, or rather the sitter, turns out to be her ex-boyfriend who cheated and ran off. He’s sorry for what he did, but Yang tells him that he would have been more sorry if they had met when he found out he’d cheated.

Her anger has cooled and she won’t have to go to prison (Ha!), which is mainly down to his chronic cowardliness.


Yang looks around at the couples around her and starts to give him a lecture. She tells him to fix his cheating and cowardly ways instead of apologising. Once done Yang tells him to take him mutt and get out of her face. It seems that Yang’s attitude and way of speaking to others is something that he became tired of.

Thinking that Yang is pulling out a weapon, instead of sorting out her itchy bra problem, causes the ex-boyfriend to run in fear (Ha!).

While sitting on the bench, Yang wonders if she has been living her life wrong when it’s plausible to someone that you could be pulling out a weapon instead of scratching an itch caused by her bra.

While walking away, Yang explains that she is left with the hardest thing to deal with in her life at the moment, the fact that she sees people passing by her making beautiful memories.

Additional Comments:

I love watching other people write, especially as I really love to write myself. However, her way of “imitating” may cause some trouble further down the line. I have never read The Little Prince, but I have seen it mentioned several times in dramas and an old episode of Running Man, what’s so good about it?

In the last episode we heard that Yang’s boyfriend was awesome, but we saw here that it was the opposite case. Her ex-boyfriend is a cheat and a coward. I feel that Yang has difficulty opening up with others and wants to be seen as having a good life and being confident in herself, even if that is not the case.

This drama seems to be focusing more on building Yang’s character at the moment. This is good for the audience, but I’m a little worried at the lack of male lead. I’m assuming that the relationship between them is important in this setting for Yang’s character development.

I will say, parts of this episode did make me smile, so I think it’s slowly getting better. Let’s hope it stays that way~

Thank you for reading~


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