Eating Existence Episode 1 Recap

One Way An Oyster Can Swim Through The Sea

This looks like it’s going to be an interesting drama with this rather different female lead!

We open with a cute little comic with our main lead, Yoo Yang, introducing herself. From the sounds of things Yang is a confident woman, who believes herself to be beautiful, intelligent and a talented writer. At the end an alarm rings and she cries out that she is late, so whether Yang is telling us the truth is something we will have to see!

Yang informs her friend, Jo Yeri (Yoo SoYoung) at work that they are going to a rock concert after work. However, her plans are disrupted by her team’s boss inviting them all out for working hard on a deadline (what do they do?).

Having changed into her clubbing attire, Yang is not happy to look after the members of her team while they are drinking. Yeri tries her best to cheer her up, but doesn’t succeed as our lead’s expression remains one of complete boredom and distaste.

Once the group has worked up an appetite after singing on the karaoke machine, Yang is unimpressed with watching her colleagues eat oysters. During the meal, she is offered a drink from Boss which she is forced to accept (this is Korea and one thing I have learnt from kdramas is that you can’t easily decline a drink, especially from a Sunbae!). Instead of just a shot glass, he pours into a glass and Yang is left with no other option but to down the whole drink.

After this Yang’s colleagues are forced to listen to her on the karaoke machine. Boss talks about how he likes girls with long hair, but Yang’s only highlights her unhappiness with society. Thus he moves on to Yeri and tries to get her to untie her bun. Yang notices and starts to give him a lecture.

Here, Yang is alluding to how he has a habit with going for young girls and thus sucking the youth and happiness from them. Moving on from this, Yang explains that she thought oysters were the treasures of the ocean, but seeing them being stacked up and wasted in films made her realise that they are pathetic, unmoving and non-listening things (like Boss?). Yang then grabs a bunch and throws them at Boss’ face.

He leaps up in anger and the other employees try to calm him down. He tries to force an oyster into her mouth, but Yeri steps in and makes excuses for her, saying she has drunk too much today. Yang stumbles out of the room, but the battles not over just yet as she goes to the door and spits on Boss (this woman… wow…). Yeri is mortified and bows several times in the doorway before leading Yang as far away from the place as possible.

Later on Yang is having a meal in a restaurant and Yang explains:

Yang wants to be happy in this life and not to live like a pathetic oyster.

Additional Comments:

Yang. I don’t think I’ve really come across a female lead like this one before! She is bold, brash and confident. I like Yang’s style, apart from the spitting aspect… but I am a little confused as to who she is and what she does for a living. According to her intro, she went to law school, and is a talented writer. However, in this episode, it looked like she just has an office job… If those were all lies, then will that play into the plot somehow later on?

Yeri is someone who I can relate to a lot! She likes things to be simple and for people not to be offended and is often the one apologising. I hope we can see more of this friendship throughout, this kind is always a sweet dynamic.

I like how this episode focused solely on Yang and didn’t throw in the male lead straight away. I’m definitely intrigued to see where this webdrama is headed.

Thank you for reading~


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