11.04.16 – 17.04.16 “The Term Is Over!”

Picture25 editedLast week, I actually managed to do everything that I had planned, which made me super happy. Although, I did neglect my essay… that is due on Wednesday… sshhhuuusssshhhh! haha ^^” I’m fine. I’m fine… *manic laughter*

Anyway, the term is technically over, which means for a little while, I will have some time to catch up on at least one of the dramas I am behind in ^^”

So, my plans for this week are:

Monday – Friday

I recently watched Another Parting, a short 1thek (that’s what the channel is called right?) mini webdrama staring Seo InGuk and Wang JiWon and I really enjoyed it, therefore as there are 5 episodes, it conveniently means I have something for each day of the week this week ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Songs I’m Loving – WEEK SIX


  • Go Princess Go Episode 3 recap

(I’m so happy and excited to finally have time to start watching and recapping this series again!)

Thank you for reading~


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