Top 5 Moments of We Broke Up

I have recapped all of We Broke Up and now it is that time where I tell you my Top 5 Moments!

I hope you enjoy and I promise HyunWoo is not in all of them! :p

Episode 4 – Interview

This was a great scene, especially because even though WooRi’s start wasn’t great, she was able to overcome that and say some deep things. However, what I took from this scene, was just how adorable HyunWoo was in that homemade costume! I mean look at his little face! ♥

And of course, this scene having Cheondeong in it as well, and how HyunWoo was so confused by how they looked alike! It was so cute~ and I love how they judge him together at the end :p

Episode 6 – Multipurpose Costume

The costume from episode 4 makes a reappearance in such a cute and adorable way! I love that HyunWoo understood that he had made the atmosphere between them awkward, and tried to fix that with this clever little scene. I love it when people in kdramas can get past those situations and enjoy each others company ^^

Episode 8 – 0+1

I loved this scene as we really got to see how WonYoung felt (not to mention this song is sung beautifully by SeungYoon~).

This scene also led us into WooRi finally realising some important things about her life and the relationship she is in with HyunWoo.

Episode 9 – ShimHoon Speaks!

I loved everything about this scene! I love that ShimHoon knew that this was a time when he really did need to speak and not let HyunDong talk before he could. I think it really shows how strong he is a person and how important he is in this group, without anyone really realising it.

I love that it was also at this point that WonYoung realised what he needed to do. There was also the comical value of HyunDong wanting ShimHoon to keep talking for his hyung as he was super happy to hear his voice ♥

I do feel a little bitter that I didn’t hear his glorious voice earlier, but this scene was very important and had a better impart because we hadn’t. But still haha ^^”

Episode 10 – Letting Go

In episode 9 HyunWoo is angry and frustrated with everything, especially because a drunk WonYoung is making his life difficult in the early hours of the morning, and he fights.

Now, I do not advocate this as a good thing and even though it obviously took some of his stress away, he should have found a better way. However, it showed that his calm and cute persona was just one layer to him, second leads are human too!

I liked the aftermath scenes in episode 10, because HyunWoo (as well as NiNa which I liked as well) let go because they realised that the person that they loved didn’t and wouldn’t love them back in the same way.

The hardest thing was to see how HyunWoo coped with everything was to try and put a smile on his face and make a joke, even though it was obvious he was extremely torn up inside. It’s a coping mechanism I know well.

The problem with dramas is that we hardly see what happens to our second leads, but thankfully our imaginations can easily whip up a cute and happy future for them ♥

What was your favourite moment of We Broke Up? What are you’re thoughts on mine? Let me know in the comments ^^

Thank you for reading~


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