My Little Lover Episode 10 Recap ♥ (Finale)

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* – Goodbye Chiyomi, Goodbye Minami-Kun

Today was not a good day in reality, so what a better way to be an adult than to delve into a recap all day~

It’s the last episode and it was so full of fluff and cuteness that I think I may have diabetes now haha~ :p

This episode was super cute and I wish there was more, but I am very content with how this crazy drama ended ♥

We open the final episode with Chiyomi and Shunichi praying, that she can grow back to normal size, at the cape. Chiyomi thinks about everything that has happened throughout her time of being small.

We see several moments and Chiyomi explanation comes to the conclusion that she wants to grow back to normal for Shunichi (erm… and yourself…).

the praying didn't workAfter some time, Chiyomi begins to cry and ask what they are supposed to do now, wailing that she may stay like she is forever. Shunichi tries to remain positive (albeit a little strained) and tells her not to worry, that they will find a way and reassures her further by telling Chiyomi he is with her. However, they both seem to realise that they have run out of options.

The two then, after getting their things from the inn, leave. However, they are followed by a suspicious woman wrapped in a scarf (but obviously Ricchan! Haha!). While walking down the road, Shunichi asks Chiyomi if she wants to skip school and explore for another day and night here, however, she just shakes her dejectedly.

Ricchan is following close behind and is wondering if he is just going back now, as we see that she overheard Riku saying that he will leave Chiyomi in Shunichi’s care. Therefore, Ricchan is sure that he will meet up with Chiyomi soon.

pahaha finally someone thinks it's oddAfter Chiyomi replies to Shunichi’s question of having somewhere she wants to go, he excitedly asks where, but is shocked to hear her answer. Chiyomi wants to go home and explain everything to her parents. Shunichi is obviously uncomfortable and upset about the idea and reassures Chiyomi that she isn’t a burden to him (aww, how the times have changed). 

As Shunichi has stopped to have this conversation with Chiyomi, Ricchan “hides” behind a pole and wonders if Shunichi is okay as he’s been talking to himself (Ha!).

We are drawn back to our mains as Chiyomi tells Shunichi that they should forget about each other when they get home. Shunichi struggles to come to terms with such a thing, telling her that he will always protect her and stay by her side. He takes Chiyomi out of his pocket and tells her he loves her, but even so, Chiyomi doesn’t want to be a burden to him and thinks that he will regret staying with her.

A car then comes charging up the road and knocks into Shunichi (how did they not see him?!), who goes flying before he lands on the ground. The car screeches to a halt and three people get out (one of them says ‘oops’…) and then they start to freak out. Instead of doing anything to help, they get back in the car and drive off (what the hell people?!).

An unharmed Chiyomi crawls out of Shunichi’s pocket as Ricchan starts to run over to him. Ricchan is shocked to see Chiyomi and thinks back to how Asuka told her Chiyomi may have shrunk like in her story.

However, she is forced out of her confusion and shock by an extremely (and rightly so) upset Chiyomi who is shouting at her because Shunichi isn’t moving.

Ricchan then finally phones an ambulance and Shunichi is taken to Nomura Hospital. Thankfully, the bleeding from his head injury was stopped and they just need to wait for him to regain consciousness. The doctor thinks that there should be no aftereffects (there better not be! We don’t have time for amnesia!). 

Ricchan takes Chiyomi home and JoJi is shocked to see her pop out of the bag! They then head to the table, where JoJi is getting to grips with Chiyomi’s situation. JoJi interrupts Ricchan and Asuka (who are bickering about not telling them properly) and tells Chiyomi that she is small and cute (♥). They then welcome her home.

It’s the next day and Shunichi’s bedside is far from empty, however, there isn’t good news. Shunichi should have gained consciousness by now and it’s revealed that there was a small chance that he may end up in a coma after the surgery the day before.

A nurse comes in to get Emi-Chan, who needs to talk to the doctor (grandma goes with her and the others follow suit). Shunichi is left in Ricchan’s care, who when the room is empty, gets Chiyomi out of her bag.

Ricchan leaves the two of them alone (at Chiyomi’s request) and Chiyomi the cries out for Shunichi to wake up. She apologises for what she said and reveals that she would be happy to just be by his side and that she won’t leave him now, even if he doesn’t wake up. She climbs onto Shunichi’s chest and tells him that she loves him.
Chiyomi kisses Shunichi and he slowly wakes up (thankfully with no amnesia! Praise the drama gods haha ^^”). They are both relieved to see each other safe and okay. Chiyomi kisses Shunichi again and his lips light up just as they did before he woke up.

chiyomi is back to her normal sizeThe screen fills with white light, but soon reveals Chiyomi and Shunichi still kissing, however, Chiyomi is considerably larger than we have come to recognise her. Shunichi is in shock and keeps repeating her name, and then he cutely moves his head to the side and asks her to put something on. Chiyomi then squeaks and tells him not to look! (His laugh at that was so cute!) She steals his duvet and wraps it around herself and kneels next to his bed.

Shunichi, with Chiyomi’s help sits upright and she comes to sit close beside him. He is shocked that a kiss was the answer and he thinks back to when she brought that idea up herself. He cutely notes that holding himself back and not kissing her was a mistake. He then pulls her into a hug. Chiyomi pulls back and says that they should kiss a lot from on. True to this statement, they start kissing (I’m so unbelievable happy right now!).

Ricchan is waiting outside and when she sees Emi-Chan and grandma heading back to the room, she quickly goes in to warn Chiyomi, and gets rather shocked! Emi-Chan and grandma come in and both are happy, but also extremely shocked! (Emi-Chan even covers her face in embarrassment haha!). All the while the pair are happily embracing!

ami was the only one who didn't knowTime has passed and Chiyomi happily runs into her classroom, where she is given a warm welcome. Shunichi comes in a little later, and he cutely chastises her for going on without him as she is still weak. The atmosphere around them is playful and cute and picked up on quickly by the class. Shunichi clearly states that they are dating.

Ami then comes through the crowd and slaps Chiyomi and then hugs her fiercely, exclaiming that she was so worried about her. Chiyomi cries that she is sorry.

Everything has gotten back to normal and it’s a month until the dance competition. We watch as the group practices their dance, the choreography by our little lead. The dancing then continues, however, the place and outfits have changed. Chiyomi is also missing from the lineup, which is made clear why, when the group ends the performance making a heart shape and congratulating her and Shunichi on their wedding!!! (This is right after they graduated from high school).

yuuka uenoAfter the dance, Sakaizawa is is in charge of the microphone and introduces the new leader of the dance club, who is going to perform a song she has written about the pair. The song is the main song that we hear at end of each episode~ (the singer here is Yuuka Ueno).

Shunichi cutely tells Chiyomi as the song begins to end that he has never thought about marrying anyone other than her ♥

Meanwhile, JoJi is crying because he is extremely emotional about everything, especially the wedding kiss it seems! Ricchan tells him to stop crying and sit up straight, but she is kind and understanding at the same time. At a different table, grandma and Emi-Chan are beaming with joy, both revealing that they thought Chiyomi and Shunichi would end up together.

Around the wedding site, a lot of love is being expressed. Chiyomi is happily cooing over Kanae and Noboru’s newborn son. Nomura is happy and accepts her fathers new partner, saying they unexpectedly match (ha!) and Riku and Ami seem rather close. And to this couple is mixed the enthusiastic Asuka, whose crush on Shunichi has moved on to Riku! The two girls struggle to get his attention for a photograph (I love that Yabuki joins in and wants a picture with Riku too! Ha!).

It has been a year since Chiyomi turned into the One-Inch Princess! Chiyomi is writing on her laptop, when Shunichi comes and gives her backhug, and reminds her of her packing. We learn that Shunichi has gotten into a medical university, that is close enough for him to commute to and Chiyomi is currently packing to go to the dance workshop she wanted to go to last year.

Shunichi helps Chiyomi finish pack and she tells him she will go when she finishes her writing. She smiles as reveals that she is at the best part, which happens to be Shunichi’s proposal:

Aww he got her a flower crown because he wanted to remind her about their childhood days there and when he told her he loved her!! :3 my heart is mush right now hahaha~

And then they see a rainbow ♥ This is all so lovely!

Additional Comments:

It’s over… excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep now! haha ^^”

I really enjoyed this episode, it was very cute and adorable. The good thing about this is that it never had some sort of hidden agenda. It set out to be super cute, crazy and very odd at some points, and that’s exactly how is stayed pretty much all the way through. Of course, we can’t have a drama without some angst, right? :p Now I know this is based on a manga, but I haven’t read it so… sorry, my judgment is only on the drama.

Yes, this wasn’t the best drama out there, but it was so full of heart that it is definitely one of my favourite dramas of all time. It was rather reminiscent of Itazura Na Kiss, which is mentioned. It has a cute, simple and heartwarming atmosphere that leaves you content and happy after watching it.

The characters weren’t exactly pushing boundaries and they were standard cutesy drama moulds, but that was what made it cute and wacky and enjoyable. Why change something that isn’t broken.

However, I will give special mention to the character of Shunichi (always!) who developed so well and fluidly. I thought he was going to be the usual cold male lead, but that didn’t last long and even when he was like that, his facial expressions and just general stupidness made me laugh out loud!

He truly was the reason I came to love this drama so much. Nakagawa Taishi was wonderful and considering he wasn’t acting with his costar for most of the drama, his expressions were believable and made me melt!~ I look forward to seeing his future works. And of course, Yamamoto Maika (Chiyomi) also impressed me and I think she has a great scope of improvement and I’ll try and keep an eye on the pair of them and their future projects.

With a sad, but super happy and content heart, I say goodbye to this adorable drama~ (And by say goodbye, I mean, watch it when I’m sad or watch every fanvid I can find on YouTube… ♥).

Thank you for reading~


4 thoughts on “My Little Lover Episode 10 Recap ♥ (Finale)

  1. Such a perfect final episode to such a heartwarming drama. I felt so many emotions during this episode, but mostly joy. I already miss this adorable drama.

    I also really enjoyed reading your recaps and getting to experience the drama with you. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I had a drama watching buddy for this one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. omg , i didnt want to watch the last episode because i was scared that Chiyomi wouldnt get back to her regular size, i wanted some details to what would happen next but i already know what is going to happen.. (im still going to watch the episode XD) and i am just overloaded with joy..

    Liked by 1 person

    • This comment is so cute 😊 I’m glad you are so happy with the knowledge that Chiyomi returns to her normal size. This was such a cute drama, I’m glad you really like it!! ^^


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