My Little Lover Episode 9 Recap ♥

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* – Our Trip To A Hot Spring

It’s Tuesday and here as planned is the recap for Episode 9. There was a lot of cute (looking mostly at that pumpkin known as Shunichi) and some important info and feelings dropped in this episode~

(Oh and a shirtless Shunichi~ :p)

Morning has arrived and Shunichi is watching Chiyomi sleep, marveling at how she can sleep while rolling around her bed. He quickly catches her when she rolls off the bed and she asks if he has been watching her.

He then gets out of bed and tells her not to look while he gets dressed for school. We then hear through Chiyomi’s voiceover that it has been 4 weeks since she shrunk to her current size and that through that time, her relationship with Shunichi has changed a lot. That right now, they seem to be in sync with things.

While at the desk, Chiyomi digs in to breakfast, while Shunichi packs his bag. She is happy that she can now eat delicious meals, as grandma is home. Shunichi grumbles that he tried his best and Chiyomi says he couldn’t have done it without her help. He agrees and Chiyomi playfully congratulates him for admitting it! (These two are so cute~).

bad news on the home frontWhile Shunichi is walking to school, Asuka runs to catch up to him with some big news. She tells them both (as Chiyomi is in his blazer pocket – order is restored! haha) that Ricchan wants to go to the police to help them find Chiyomi as it has been a month and now the can’t contact her.

In the staff room, Ono-Sensei accidentally lets slip that she is reading an online novel by Chiyomi and somehow this news spreads to her class (did the pe teacher send a message or something?!). Shuncihi walks into class and Riku pulls him over and goes to ask him a question, but they are both distracted when some classmates start discussing how Chiyomi is an online writer.

riku means businessThis then causes Riku to think of more questions to ask, but goes with the most pressing one which concerns his Chobiko (aka the “figurine” in his pocket). Riku is angry that Shunichi keeps playing dumb (and even tells him to be an actor haha). Meanwhile, Shuncihi is backing away, his face looking confused and guilty!

He turns round and Nomura is once again at her desk. She asks if he knew about Chiyomi’s writing and is surprised by him not knowing. He sits down, still a little dazed. Meanwhile, Chiyomi is worrying about Shunichi knowing, but calms herself down by thinking that he isn’t the type to read it, so she is safe.

After school, Ami and Riku pay a visit to Chiyomi’s home and show her parents the online writing. Ami is relieved to see that there are regular updates meaning she can’t be in trouble, but Ricchan and JoJi wonder why she had to leave the home, and that she didn’t have to hide her writing.

Ami explains that Chiyomi probably felt shy sharing it with them, but is unsure why she hid it from her and Riku. This is when a guilty looking Riku apologises and explains that he knew, but couldn’t bring himself to tell as she had kept it a secret and gone missing when she found out he knew.

Asuka then comes to defend him, saying Chiyomi’s disappearance had nothing to do with him. This gets her some odd looks from her parents and she plasters on a smile and adds that that is what she thinks.

The family are alone in their dining room and JoJi is on the computer. He and Ricchan are happy that Chiyomi is able to express herself and pleased to see that she does have talent in writing. Ricchan then reminisces about when Chiyomi told her about seeing the One-Inch Princess. Asuka timidly asks if maybe Chiyomi has turned into a tiny person, but Ricchan dismisses the idea. Her thoughts now on thinking about how Chiyomi must have a lot things she wanted to say, but couldn’t.

Meanwhile, grandma and Chiyomi are spending some quality time reading manga. Grandma notes that Shunichi is late back from his run and shocks Chiyomi by saying:

“What is he doing, leaving Chiyomi-Chan behind?”

(Did she know it was Chiyomi the whole time?!)

We then see Shunichi, on the end of a pier and he is on his phone, doing what Chiyomi assumed he wouldn’t do:

Shunichi stands and is obviously dazed and deep in thought by what he has just read.

He’s home and just as dazed while sat at his desk. Chiyomi asks if something is the matter, and Shunichi goes to answer, but is saved by the doorbell. We then hear a rather loud exchange from downstairs which results in Riku making his way to Shunichi’s room.

Chiyomi hides and learns that Riku thought she was a figurine when he spotted her in his pocket. To find this we go through a rather odd argument over Chiyomi’s bed and Shunichi just denying everything. However, he isn’t here about the figurine, well not directly. Riku assumes that Shunichi is in love with Chiyomi because of the well crafted doll and gets angrier when he knows that Shunichi is playing dumb.

He demands to be shown the figurine and the pair wrestle to the ground in the process. Riku notices the box of clothes and sitting on top is the rabbits pouch that she made for her. He comes to the conclusion that Chiyomi is here, or at least that Shunichi knows where she is. Shunichi says it’s impossible for Riku to see her.

Riku has had enough and goes on a rant about love. He assumes that Shunichi hasn’t read Chiyomi’s online work and shouts that it is the latter’s fault for Chiyomi having a one-sided love. Riku (now angry, upset and crying – which the actor isn’t the greatest at…) tells Shunichi that if he loves Chiyomi, he should tell her and not keep making her sad.

Shunichi’s answer is:

“I became afraid of loving someone.

When I was in middle school, my dad left us.

You know, my dad must have thought that he would cherish my mum forever.

But. People’s feelings change. Mine might too.”

Riku begins to understand that Shunichi chose not to express his feelings as he didn’t want to maybe become his father one day and hurt Chiyomi. He then admits that he is jealous when Riku is around Chiyomi, but feels that he has no right to be jealous.

With the forceful suggestion made by Riku (who has turned to team Shunichi by the looks of things…), Shunichi expresses his love for Chiyomi (and I had to pause, because I’m trying not to laugh… I can’t help it… it’s so serious and then Riku is so confused as to why Shunichi is saying it to him! haha).

Chiyomi shouts out to Shunichi and he goes over to the desk as she comes out of hiding. She thanks him for expressing his feelings and admits she feels the same. Meanwhile, Riku is in the background looking completely dumbfounded and hilarious!

And then Chiyomi and Riku start having a weird, but kind of casual (but also far too serious…) chat about where she got her dress… (and Shunichi gives him the side-eye when he calls Chiyomi cute! Ha!). Through the conversation we see Riku come to terms with the fact that she is tiny at the moment and also that if Shunichi likes her, then he doesn’t have a chance. He also admits that he knew he wasn’t the ‘Big Guy’ so her feelings for him were clear without her even saying them.

Shunichi is seeing Riku off, but before he goes, the latter imparts some knowledge. Apparently, the lucky mallet was only half the mission to make the One-Inch Princess big again, and that the second part was to pray at Akebono Cape during the sunrise. Riku suggests Shunichi take Chiyomi there and when morning comes, that’s exactly what he does.

The pair take the bus and end up booking a room at a traditional style inn. Chiyomi is grateful for being taken there and Shunichi happily tells her that they are living as one now (too cute!).

The pair then bathe in the outside bath (well, Chiyomi is in a little bucket…) and they joke and laugh about the prospect of Chiyomi turning big right now. It ends with Chiyomi being in his robe and Shunichi being left with just his underwear!

They then share a meal (they are too cute!~). While the owner and a young woman (who I think are related) are preparing his bed for the night, she grumbles about she is sure she heard him talking with a female. She is adamant that Shunichi is hiding someone, but the older woman chastises her and hurriedly changes the subject when Shunichi appears.

Shunichi asks the older woman when the sunrise is and she tells him most people leave at 4am to see it. She tells him mostly couples and newlyweds go there to get blessings, and Shunichi cutely says that he wants to be happy with his girlfriend.

They say goodnight and in the hallway, the younger woman is upset that he does have a girlfriend. The older woman reminds her, again, not to fall in love with customers.

It’s time for bed and the pair are exuding awkwardness as they lie onto the futon (seriously, nothing can happen, she is tiny and you’ve slept in the same bed before…). Eventually, Shunichi puts his arms round her and she rests comfortably next to his chest. Chiyomi tells him that she can hear his heart beating nervously and he smiles, admitting that he is nervous. Chiyomi responds likewise.

Shunichi shifts his position and goes to kiss her, but understanding the logistical implausibility of such an action (aka, he would be kissing her whole face… ha!), he draws back. To ease his disappointment he says that he’s waited this long, so he can’t wait until tomorrow for their second kiss. Chiyomi is happy that he remembered there accidental kiss.

Sunrise is near and a breathless, but happy Shunichi exclaims that they have made it to the cape. He sets her down on a large rock and tells her to keep watching the sky. However, her attention is taken when he starts taking out clothes from his bag. Shunichi reminds her that if she has no clothes when she becomes human, they’ll be in big trouble (Ha! But also, aww this is so like Shunichi to be prepared). 

The sky is lighter now and Shunichi tells the world that he likes Chiyomi a lot. The pair share that the time in their lives that they have enjoyed the most was when they went to the mountains and rivers everyday to look for the One-Inch Princess. Chiyomi wishes she could do that again and Shunichi simply responds that she can.

Chiyomi responds with her usual ‘Minami-Kun’, but before she can anything else, Shunichi excitedly shouts for her to look as the sun is coming up. Chiyomi begins to pray so that she can return to her normal size:

Additional Comments:

I absolutely love that Shunichi has realised and fully expressed his feelings for Chiyomi and when they were at the cape I thought it was so beautiful when he told her that he loved her.

However, I will admit that I didn’t really like the way he first vocalised his feelings for Chiyomi. I couldn’t get over how serious the scene was, yet at the same time so comical to me! I think that is mainly because of Riku and how he was so intense, firstly for his own love and then for Shunichi to express his love… it was so odd and then the confession was completely thrown under the carpet as Riku finds out that Chiyomi is tiny. I just thought it could have been done better.

I also thought that the cuteness after this between our two lead was cute and I did enjoy watching those moments, but for some reason I feel that it’s a little awkward to watch now. Because of the romantic shift, her being so tiny makes me feel strange haha. I just want her to change so bad and I want a second season so I can watch them be cute together!

Also, I just love the way Shunichi looks at Chiyomi and now he is even more open about showing his feelings on his face! He is so beautiful and to see him smiling so openly shows how far he has come throughout the 9 episodes so far.

I don’t really have much to say about this episode. The main thing was the confession and Riku giving them the advice to go to the cape… but the next episode looks like it is going to cause me so many feels!

Thank you for reading~

2 thoughts on “My Little Lover Episode 9 Recap ♥

  1. I pretty much turned into a puddle at Minami’s love confession 💜💜 I mostly found the situation with Riku humorous, but I was ready for him to leave and get back to our couple. I also loved the romantic shift, I don’t know, I guess I’m a sucker for odd couples, lol. But his going in for the kiss was a bit awkward. Like you, I was like “You’re going to kiss her whole face!” I loved this episode to pieces though 😃

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t know, I just couldn’t get over Riku popping up in the background haha ^^” I thought the shift was a little fast, but after watching the next episode, I really enjoyed the shift! I know! What if his dream would have come true haha :p I’m glad you really enjoyed this series~

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