My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap ♥

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* ~ A Blue Fairy

It’s Saturday and I present a recap of episode 7. This drama is so fun and endearing. It really is a pleasure to watch and recap~

This was a sweet episode and Shunichi is really surpassing himself each time and my little heart is super happy ♥

I hope you enjoy ^^

Shunichi is walking home from school and seeing as the road by the sea is empty, he gets Chiyomi out of his pocket and sets her onto her shoulder (his little smiles are killing me right now!). 

We learn from Chiyomi’s thoughts that it has been 3 weeks since she has been living with Shunichi and her feeling have grown rapidly for him. What Chiyomi wants the most is to know how Shunichi feels/thinks about her.

Chiyomi goes to ask just this, but stops herself.

Shunichi and Chiyomi reach home to find that Grandma has collapsed in pain on the kitchen floor. We then move to Nomura hospital where he gets the news from Emi-Chan (who remember is a nurse at this hospital) that Grandma is alright, but needs to stay for a few days for a few tests. She gives him a form to take to the office and as both part ways we see Noboru being a creeper in the background as always.

Meanwhile, Shunichi needs to use the restroom, so carefully puts down his blazer on a sofa outside the door. However, a little girl overheard them talking and she goes over to the blazer. She shakes it about, causing Chiyomi to fall out of the pocket (a lot more gracefully than I would haha ^^”) and exclaims that she has found a goodie. The girl reaches for screen (aka Chiyomi) and the screen ominously turns black!

We very briefly see that as Asuka reaches her home she is met by Riku, before we return to the hospital where Shunichi frantically searches his blazer and the surrounding area for Chiyomi.

fairy san can never run awayIn a hospital room, hidden by a curtain, Chiyomi tries to escape, however, a red thread connects her waist to the little girl. She puts her finger to her lips and tells Chiyomi (or as she calls her miss. fairy) she can’t run away from her.

Meanwhile, Riku discovers that even Asuka doesn’t know where Chiyomi is. On a whim Asuka mentions that she saw a dancing tiny person on the her neighbour’s windowsill and Riku thinks about this, realising it would have been Shunichi’s windowsill. But, Riku’s theory is a little off… he thinks the person Asuka must have seen was a ‘figurine’! (Which to be fair to him makes more rational sense). 

Back in the hospital room, the little girl, Miyu, is drawing her mother, but reveals to Chiyomi that her mother doesn’t like her. A few moments later, Miyu’s mother comes in tells Miyu not to cause her more trouble as she has refused to have a surgery.

Emi-Chan and Shunichi then enter the room, as the bed behind the curtain apparently contains grandma! Emi-Chan introduces herself and Shunichi to the pair and asks Miyu to take care of grandma. No matter how much waving Chiyomi does, she can’t get Shunichi’s attention. Before the mother leaves she tells Miyu to stop sulking so that she can get better.

As the door closes, Noboru turns up and pokes his head in unnoticed, however, retreats when grandma wakes and she believes that it was Noboru who saved her when she collapsed.

Grandma’s attention is caught by Miyu, who she comments is very cute (I don’t quite understand how a child and an old woman could be sharing the same room, but then again I am only familiar with wards).

Emi-Chan then leaves to get back to work and soon after Shunichi heads off too as he has forgotten “something”. As he leaves Chiyomi calls (more hushed than usual) that it was her that she left and that she is right here! We then see him wondering around the hospital corridors in frantic search of Chiyomi (he is so stressed and worried, my poor child!).
Night has come and it looks like Grandma knows about the “one-inch princess” being with Miyu as Chiyomi is in plain view. She explains that the one-inch princess appears to those who need help and strive to be happy. Miyu apologises to Chiyomi (still referring to her as ‘fairy-san’ which is cute ^^) for capturing her, but thinks that Chiyomi will disappear as she is not a good child as she always makes her mother need to say this to her when she is awake Chiyomi disagrees and suggests Miyu show her drawings to her mother as that will make her happy.

Grandma sits up when Miyu says that her mother would prefer if she didn’t exist. Grandma passionately insists that all mothers love their children. After this they go to bed and Chiyomi notes that it will be hard to leave right now.

Miyu and Grandma are both asleep when Miyu’s mother quietly enters the room again. Chiyomi hides under the covers while Miyu’s mother apologises to Miyu for making her suffer and reappears when she leaves.

We then see Chiyomi thanking Shunichi for his protection, but that now she has to say goodbye to him (both are in “traditional dress” technically I guess… Chiyomi is wearing a type of Kimono while Shunichi looks like a farmer… but in the olden days…). Shunichi is visibly upset, and when Chiyomi starts to glimmer and fade, and then float back to the moon on a cloud he shouts after her (it doesn’t look like he is wearing trousers… but he is I swear haha). 

If you hadn’t gathered that we were in one of Shunichi’s wacky dreams, then the next scene of him waking up, still in the hospital, makes that clear! He stretches over the sofa, but is startled when grandma comes up behind him (she calls him Noboru which really worries me still). Grandma seems to understand somehow that he was looking for the one-inch princess and takes him back to her room.

Grandma turns up the duvet at the end of Miyu’s bed and reveals a crying Chiyomi. Shunichi gets to his knees and looks like he has found gold! He slowly puts his hand around her, calls her an idiot and that she made him worry so much (the poor baby looks like he is going to cry with relief at finding her! Shunichi is legit my main reason for watching this ♥).

The next morning, Shunichi is in his own bed, but still in his school uniform. He looks over and is happy to see Chiyomi sleeping beside his pillow. When Emi-Chan calls to him, he quickly gets up and opens his door before she can come in. It’s decided that he will go with her to see Grandma.

Asuka joins them on their visit, however, as they are walking to the hopsital, Asuka get soaked accidentally by a man cleaning his car. She goes home to change, but when she looks closer at the handkerchief Shunichi (who by the way is still in his uniform… I know this boy has other clothes, so why hasn’t he changed?!) gave her to dry off a little, she recognises it as the backdrop to one of Chiyomi’s videos. This and the dancing figure she saw create more shock and confusion for her.

Chiyomi and Shunchi have reached the hospital and they are sat outside (on a roof communal area I think) and Chiyomi asks if they can do something to help Miyu and her mother as it’s obvious they both care about each other. This discussion is cut short when Asuka calls out to him from behind and she asks who he was talking to (Shunichi dived to cover Chiyomi… he really doesn’t do subtle!).

Thankfully, Asuka is not fooled by his “talking to myself” excuse and knows that he is hiding Chiyomi. She tells him to let her see Chiyomi, but only when Chiyomi nods does Shunichi do so.

Asuka slowly walks over and crouches before the bench Chiyomi is stood on. She asks if it really is her, and Chiyomi nods and apologises. However, Asuka takes this revelation like a champ and apologises for not noticing earlier, and then happily asks if there is anything can do.

In Miyu and Chiyomi’s room, the pair, along with Asuka have hatched a plan to show Miyu how much her mother cares for her.

We then see Shunichi running through the corridor, rather flustered as he calls out to Miyu’s mother who has come to visit. They rush to Miyu’s room, where he and Asuka explain that Miyu (who is “asleep”) was in pain, but didn’t want to call a nurse as it may upset her mother. Miyu’s mother of course disagrees with her daughters actions.

Asuka then smoothly picks up drawing pad and tells Miyu’s mother that Miyu had been drawing her earlier. She hands her the pad and the mother goes through the pages. She sits beside Miyu’s bed and holds her hand as she expresses how she could not understand her feelings, nor convey her own. She exclaims that she loves Miyu very much and is clearly upset that she thinks something is very wrong with her daughter.

Before Miyu or anyone else can say anything, a nurse and doctor come in to investigate what is going on (paha Shunichi looks so guilty!). The doctor gives Miyu a check and relieves Miyu’s mother by saying that she is fine. Miyu then further relieves her mother when she tells the doctor that she will have the surgery.

Everyone is happy, and Shunichi looks over at Chiyomi (who is hidden behind a teddy) and smiles as he nods at her thumbs up (these two are so cute!).

Nomura enters the room, when the hospital exit and asks Shunichi if he has a minute to talk. She takes him outside and wants to be accepted or rejected by him. Nomura asks if he is in love with Chiyomi and he reveals that he has finally realised that he has always loved Chiyomi (I got so close to the screen! He said it! :3 So admitted it to himself!). Nomura is upset but tries not to appear so (I love that she isn’t clinging to him like I thought she would) and requests that he watch her leave until she is out of his sight.

Meanwhile, grandma and Asuka are happily reading Itazura Na Kiss (♥♥♥) outside. Chiyomi is inside Asuka’s dungaree front pocket and she is wondering what Noruma could have wanted with Shunichi. The three are not alone, as Noboru is watching from a distance, as usual.

A tap to the shoulder surprises Noboru, especially as it is Emi-Chan stood behind him. They walk to a secluded area and she learns that Kanae and he are to have a child soon. Emi-Chan reaches into her uniform pocket and produces an envelope (having it with her as she saw him creeping round yesterday!), saying that it means they should do the right thing.

Emi-Chan then insults his disguise and he takes it off, the pair both laugh at his lack of skill. Shunichi, who has been watching this scene goes to run up to them, but his path is obstructed by Dr. Nomura who comes running through and punches Noboru! (Unexpected!! haha).

Dr. Nomura angrily shouts that Emi-Chan works day and night to provide for her family. Noboru gets up and apologises to both Emi-Chan and Shunichi, who he finally notices. He goes to say that he will take grandma, but not on Shunichi’s watch he won’t!

As Noboru is leaving he tells Shunichi that he should keep playing Kendo and he recalls seeing his father in disguise there. Shunichi tells Noboru to protect his partner this time and Noboru smiles and leaves.

In the hospital room, Miyu has joined the reading group and everyone is crying and totally enraptured in the manga. This allows Chiyomi’s wailing to go unnoticed, which stop when Shunichi enters the room.

He tells grandma that he is leaving, and Asuka says she will stay for a little longer. Shunichi holds out his hand and tells Chiyomi (who he calls princess!! ♥ This drama makes me way too happy! ^^”), and she happily hops into his palm. Before they leave, Miyu thanks Chiyomi for the wonderful magical she brought (this child is so cute!).

Outside in the corridor, Shunichi stops and puts his hands over his pocket, squishing a very confused Chiyomi slightly.

Chiyomi can’t hear what he is saying, and instead of repeating himself, he simply says it’s nothing and smiles to himself as he starts walking again.

Additional Comments:

This was such a great episode! So much happened, but the progress felt smooth and not rushed.

This episode really highlights that Shunichi is the heart of this series, in my opinion. He admits that he is in love with Chiyomi and wants her to stay by his side (although she can’t hear when he does it in front of her…). He stands up to his father and won’t allow grandma to leave him and Emi-Chan because she is too important to them. He helps Chiyomi with her plan concerning Miyu. He works himself up frantically trying to search for Chiyomi.

All in all, Shunichi is a cute little pumpkin who should be protected at all costs!

On a different note, I liked the way that Asuka found out about Chiyomi. It didn’t feel forced and her reaction seemed right for her character. I also think she and grandma have a pretty cute relationship in this episode.

A different relationship I think is quite cute is Emi-Chan and Noboru. I think when they were talking we got a glimpse in how they used to be. I feel that Noboru still has feelings, and a lot of guilt/shame for what happened in the past. For someone who is meant to be very smart, he has made a lot of mistakes and doesn’t have much common sense (I wonder where Shunichi gets it from… haha :p). However, I find it strange that he would be so dense to think that they would let him take grandma.

Talking of grandma, I hope that we learn what is happening with her in the next episode because as of yet, we still don’t know anything for sure. I love how sweet she is to everyone!

We got a lot of progression, but I think this was nothing compared to what is going to happen in the next episode from watching the preview. But I think this was nice way to ease us in to, what I am sure, will be a wild ride of the two remaining episodes.

Also, can I just say, I love that they are reading Itazura Na Kiss! Their reactions are priceless and adorable, even Miyu is getting into it! Also, this is how I read haha :p

me reading

Thank you for reading~



2 thoughts on “My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap ♥

  1. I’m with you! Isn’t Minami just about the greatest thing ever? What is it about this simple guy that is so lovable and endearing? Chiyomi is super adorable, but the highlight of the drama is Minami…his reactions, facial expressions, sweet moments, all of it. Only 2 episodes left!

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    • I totally agree, he is the highlight! I did not expect during the first few episodes to love him so much and I think that’s partly why. Shunichi as a character has really developed during these 8 episodes ^^~ I don’t want it to end yet *cries*

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