25.01.16 -02.02.16 “I Really Need To Sort Out A Schedule!”

Hello! Since coming back to University my timings for this blog have gone out the Picture25 editedwindow! However, as I am getting into the swings of things more now, I am going to persevere and get back on that schedule I had before the Winter Holiday.

Of course I am super thankful for people who visit dramarambles and who read my posts. I really hope you enjoy them and don’t be afraid to leave a comment~ ♥

So without further ado, my plans for the week are as follows:


Kang SeungYoon – Wild and Young

  • This is a few years old, but the song has been used on We Broke Up which I am currently recapping and I have fallen in love with it all over again! I have listened to it so much this past week!


We Broke Up – Episode 4 Recap and/or My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap


My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap or Episode 9 Recap

I hope that I can keep to this schedule as I really want to keep up with My Little Lover, that is my main priority in the drama world at the moment ^^

I hope everyone is feeling good right now and thank you for reading~




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