25.01.16 -02.02.16 “I Really Need To Sort Out A Schedule!”

Hello! Since coming back to University my timings for this blog have gone out the Picture25 editedwindow! However, as I am getting into the swings of things more now, I am going to persevere and get back on that schedule I had before the Winter Holiday.

Of course I am super thankful for people who visit dramarambles and who read my posts. I really hope you enjoy them and don’t be afraid to leave a comment~ โ™ฅ

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11.01.16 – 17.01.16 “Erm… About My Last Update Post…”

Picture25 editedIgnore it! I had a meh week last week and I just feel like I am giving myself too much and especially as my anxiety about returning to university is reappearing. Therefore, I am going to try and go back to what I was doing before the Winter Holiday, which will give me some sort of practice for next week when my classes start again.

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“04.01.16 – 17.01.16”

Picture25 editedLast week was good! I finally finished I Order You, recapped Teddy Go! and did the two mv/song reviews I had planned to do (although one was rather late… whoops ^^”).

This plan is going to be for two weeks, rather than one as that is the amount of time I have left of the holidays and I need to do things to get back in the swing of things for uni.

This may be a pretty random fortnight.

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21.12.15-27.12.15 “Despite The Stress of Last Week I Did It!”

Picture25 editedThe term is over and the holidays have begun! Last week was stressful for me, my anxiety had been rising which is never fun.

However, I was able to do my exams and do what I had planned for this blog and not have a complete breakdown! haha ^^”

And now I am free to catch-up on recaps!

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