11.01.16 – 17.01.16 “Erm… About My Last Update Post…”

Picture25 editedIgnore it! I had a meh week last week and I just feel like I am giving myself too much and especially as my anxiety about returning to university is reappearing. Therefore, I am going to try and go back to what I was doing before the Winter Holiday, which will give me some sort of practice for next week when my classes start again.

My Plans are:


  1. BAP – One Shot (Soompi List)


We Broke Up Episode 3

(I have finished episode 1 which I will upload today and then I am half way through and can upload tomorrow or even today).


One of these:

  • My Little Lover Episode 7 Recap (It airs today, but I’m not sure when the subs will be done and then if I will have enough time to recap it for Sunday – but I’m so excited!!!)
  • Puck Episode 1 Recap (I checked on Viki and it got the license for Europe!! And KwangSoo ♥.♥).

I hope the new year is treating you well and thank you for reading~



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