I Order You – Top 5 Moments Of The Second Half!

It’s time for a ‘Top 5 Moments’ post and this time we are calling a final wrap to I Order You. These moments are from episode 9 onwards~

I hope you enjoy ♥

Episode 10 – “Rain makes everything better~”

I liked this scene because we got to see GookDae smile (and a lot of men look sexier in the rain, YunHo is even sexy in those pjs haha :p) and they started to sort things out concerning their feelings.

I love it when leads chat and it’s something that started to not happen later on in the drama.

Episode 11 – “Don’t let SongAh cook!”

I thought this episode was a good one because there were some cute moments and I love that even though SongAh had some anxiety about what DaHwa told her, she chose to trust GookDae and mess up his kitchen! haha ^^

SongAh looked adorable and then this scene was followed by a sweet scene where GookDae doesn’t want to let SongAh go home. This is then followed by a very comical scene whereby GookDae starts singing the Korean national anthem and heading to a different room haha ;p

Episode 12 – “It’s not your fault~”

The first scene of this episode was great because we got to see GookDae express some very different emotions than we have seen him give. And even though the topic was hard to discuss, SongAh was there and able to comfort him.

And what I love is that, 1. they discussed it right away and 2. SongAh wasn’t comforting him and telling him it wasn’t his fault, just because they are dating, but because she believed that after hearing his story.

And of course, this scene was followed by a rather steamy scene ♥ ;p

Episode 13 – “GookDae comes back.”

I liked this scene because GookDae made a good decision and even though we saw him battling with his feelings and even saw him go to DaHwa, he came back to FLada for SongAh. I liked it even more that he went to DaHwa and he explained, very clearly, that he didn’t have feelings for her anymore. This then doesn’t make misunderstandings (well about this part anyway). 

Episode several… – “The supporting cast being cuties ♥”

To be honest I couldn’t really find a fifth moment that really stuck out to me as being super funny, cute or emotional in a way that moves me. And these supporting characters were the best thing about this drama.

Kevin ♥ – This man was adorable, even through his awkward clingy stage which lasted, what an episode? Jang SeungJo has such a cute smile and I would have loved to see a lot more of him later on in the drama.

DoekHee – This woman was hilarious and we did not see enough of her!

SongJoo – He definitely got better during this drama and at the end he was a strong contender for favourite character! I would love to have a brother like him~

Dumb and Dumber, A.K.A BiRong and SooRi – The latter was adorable, stupid and sweet. He was a bit of a player, but the way he put all of his heart into everything and how caring he was towards his hyungs made him a delight to see. BiRyong was a great character. He had such charm and kindness, and he may have acted goofy a lot with SooRi, but he was also the supporting force in FLada ♥


What were some of your favourite moments from the second half of I Order You?

Thank you for reading~



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