I Order You Episode 16 (Finale) Recap~

My recapping days of I Order You are over and I’m not too sad to see this one go. It was an interesting ride and I got to see some interesting side characters, not to mention finding Kim GaEun~, so I’m not overly dissatisfied ♥

While taking out the notebook (which was in his infamous wooden box) GookDae’s bracelet falls on the floor, however, no-one notices. He hands SongAh the notebook saying it belongs to her, as it is her mothers. GookDae reveals that the notebook was reason he started cooking.

It’s night time and SongAh is alone on the beach (does she not need to eat, drink and pee?! And is she not freezing? I ask the important questions… haha ^^”). As she flicks through the pages of the notebook she thinks about how GookDae told her the notebook gave him comfort after the accident.

As she is about to leave she spots GookDae’s necklace and holds it to her chest as she cries. (Off topic, but is that beach made up of shells?!)

SongAh is back home and she is happily preparing some recipes from her mother’s notebook, however, the end result is not great. SongJoo tells her not to feed this to people as they might think they have been poisoned (Ha!). SongJoo advises her to get a beginners cookbook so that she gets her amounts right in the future.

While in a bookshop, an employee recommends ‘The Table of FLada’ (did he write a book in a few days?… but it’s nice that he put her mothers name as one of the authors~) and if she buys it today, she could win a prize (I wonder who wins… haha). 

Sat outside on a bench, SongAh flips through and reaches the last few pages which is an interview with GookDae. The interviewer asks about his relationship status and he explains that he is with someone and he made them a promise to wait.

Meanwhile, GookDae is treating SongJoo to chicken. SongJoo tells a relieved GookDae that SongAh is getting better and then explains that if SongAh knew he was meeting him, SongJoo would be dead (I love how honest SJ is!). He then asks when GookDae is going to contact his sister.

SongAh is on her lunchbreak and is happily showing off her lunchbox, but once her team look closer at the food, they are turned off (DoekHee asks her to let them live haha!). SongAh then gets a phonecall to ask confirmation to the fan meeting with GookDae (oh surprise surprise, she won *shocked* haha ^^”). 

hyung is in comfort modeLater that evening, SongAh is still working at the office, when she starts to think about what GookDae told her on the beach.

Over at FLada, SooRi and BiRyong are packing away the things for the event. Not being able to take it anymore, GookDae goes to sit on the step outside.

BiRyong comes out to join him.

He knows that GookDae must have anticipated the event a lot, but tells him SongAh must need more time and the only thing he can do is wait. GookDae says:

“If too much time passes, it seems like everything will disappear.”

(BiRyong~) “What will?” 

“The time that SongAh and I spent loving each other.”

GookDae reveals that he doesn’t want them to disappear and that he misses her a lot.

SongAh is walking home, when she stops.

Back at FLada, GookDae is holding her nameplate feeling sad, and is surprised when SongAh enters the restaurant. He says welcome and tells her to have a seat.

this is so sweet and cuteGookDae then tells SongAh he will now cook for her and hopes that she will smile like she normally does when tasting his food. Later he sets the food down and waits for her to taste some (this whole scene is so painfully awkward…). She closes her eyes and imagines herself as a child on a picnic with her mother and child GookDae (that’s sweet). When she opens her eyes she tells him he has the same skills as her mother and she smiles.

GookDae then asks how she had been and if she is happy. In voiceover we hear SongAh say:

“If someone asks me whether I’m happy right now, will I be able to confidently reply that I am happy?

A word that expresses your whole entire life, and therefore weighs so much.

…with what tone of voice, in what way should I tell him?”

Out loud, SongAh asks GookDae how she looks. He tells her that he hopes she is happy and that he will make her happy.

GookDae takes her hand and puts the ring he got her back onto her finger. He then tells her that if she likes him too, she should take him hand. SongAh reaches for his hand and puts the bracelet he dropped back on his wrist and then takes him hand in hers.

Some time later, SongAh and GookDae are happily making their way down the motorway. In voiceover, SongAh explains that the man of her destiny popped out of her lunchbox.

We then see SooRi and his girlfriend sharing a picnic with BiRyong and DoekHee (who are a cute couple I will admit). 

SongJoo then happily opens a lunchbox at home, that has been sent to him from GookDae. There’s an envelope of money inside (…is GookDae bribing him or thanking him for his help?).

Meanwhile, several women are fighting over the right to take a lunchbox into Kevin’s office, but when they get there, he holds up a box of chicken! (he is sooo cute and he asks if they want some~).

All of these scenarios are to show that lunchboxes can be used for many different situations and can bring out feelings inside of you.

The episode ends with GookDae and SongAh happily reading the books at FLada. When her stomach rumbles, she denies her hunger, but GookDae just happens to feel hungry. He asks her what she would like to order him (aww in the background at the end they show the sweet house from the book~ that’s cute♥).

Additional/Overall Comments:

This episode was kind of hard to watch and a little boring to be honest. I was happy that the end of the episode came. But I will admit that I did make me smile in places.

I thought that the timings were a bit strange, as I didn’t quite know how long they have been separated for… but hey ho.

Overall I enjoyed this drama. I don’t think I would rewatch it ever again, but there were a lot of laugh out loud moments. Sadly, these moments were more in the beginning and around the episode 12/13 mark, the episodes got a bit aggravating… *cries*

I thought the character development was strange and definitely liked SongAh a lot better in the beginning. I’m sorry, but she didn’t do anything… I get that she came to him, but she never said sorry throughout this entire episode and that should have been the first words out of her mouth!

GookDae, who thought that he should have died instead of her mother and that it was all his fault, was the one who kept taking the blame when it shouldn’t have been his to take. And I’m not saying it was SongAh’s fault, because it wasn’t hers either. Also, it was never explained why we saw her at the accident scene…

I’m so glad the supporting cast was as good as it was, otherwise I don’t think I would have continued. I would have liked to have seen more of them.

And the pairings… I still wanted Kevin and DoekHee to get together! They would have been so adorable and cringey and wonderful!! And I kind of really wanted DaHwa and BiRyong to be together… *sighs*

The plot was all over the place and sometimes didn’t make sense and so were the main characters. If I hate to rate this drama I would probably give it a 2.5/5… It started so well *cries*

What did you think of I Order You?

Thank you for reading~





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