I Order You (Episode 14) Recap~

So many crying montages… This episode saw a lot of blame being thrown around and both our leads were unwilling to actually talk to each other, which is one of my giant pet peeves of a lot of kdramas! However, I will say, it wasn’t as painful to watch as I thought it would be, because all the crying made the episode go quicker! ^^”

We open this episode with SongAh finding the picture of her mother and confronting GookDae about it. She wants the truth about what happened that night and we go back in time.

SongAh’s mother is frantically looking for GookDae, and is relieved to see him on the other side of the road. They head to the lights, but even though the green man is flashing, a car is speedily making it’s way to a crossing GookDae. SongAh’s mother runs to him and pushes him out of the way and is hit in the process (I’m going with she froze like a rabbit does, because she could have run out of harms way…).

The driver and a crowd gather. GookDae, who looks to be in complete shock gets up and runs away.

Present GookDae explains (through tears) that the reason he ran was because he was scared.

SongAh is furious that he didn’t stay with her mother, and shouts at him that it’s all because of him. She even shouts that GookDae should have died instead (what a bitch! I get that you weren’t expecting that, but don’t change your tune so easily). SongAh goes to storm out, but GookDae tries to stop her. She slaps him and tells him never to lay a hand on her. While pulling from of his grasp, SongAh caused his bracelet to pull apart. And not only that she throws the ring he got for her at him (frankly she is just adding insult to injury now!)

While SongAh runs out of the restaurant, GookDae is shaking and crying (this poor baby! He was finally finding peace and then SongAh rips it away from him).

SongAh has found a bench where she answers a call from DoekHee, who wants her to come to the congratulatory work party for settling the contract deal. SongAh starts crying and asks if DoekHee can come and pick her up.

DoekHee takes her home and puts her to bed.

GookDae has been drowning his sorrows with several bottles of wine during the night and BiRyong is shocked when he goes into GookDae’s room. BiRyong asks him what is wrong, and GookDae says that he is the one who should have died (nooo!! You were just a child! It’s not your fault!). While he begins to cry uncontrollably, BiRyong holds him (my heart *cries*).

is dahwa showing feelings of concernSooRi, who is visiting his girlfriend at DaHwa’s restaurant is telling the both of them that GookDae has become a wreck and that they have had to close the shop for a few days. He explains that GookDae and SongAh have broken up, but he isn’t sure why and BiRyong isn’t telling him anything (and he wants to know so he can try and help them! He is such a sweet kid, an idiot, but sweet haha). SooRi tells them it has something to do with the picture of the woman. He asks DaHwa if she knows anything about her (DaHwa actually looks upset and concerned…).

Meanwhile, at FLada, GookDae tells BiRyong to leave. BiRyong is frustrated with how GookDae is acting and momentarily gets angry with him. BiRyong suggests that he goes to see SongAh, but GookDae, who strongly believes he killed someone again, doesn’t want to see SongAh hurting.

DaHwa, who heard all this from the doorway, is furious and makes her way to SongAh’s home. They go to a park and SongAh says she doesn’t want to hear anything about GookDae. However, DaHwa ignores her. She asks what right SongAh has to judge GookDae’s past, especially as he was so young. SongAh argues that DaHwa doesn’t understand. However, that isn’t the case, as she asks if it was the daughter’s fault.

DaHwa explains that GookDae’s nanny had a daughter, and because GookDae’s mother was late, she couldn’t go home to her sick child. GookDae thought that it was his fault and went out to buy medicine. SongAh is shocked, while DaHwa tells her again that it wasn’t GookDae’s fault.

“GookDae’s only sin was in going to buy medicine after hearing that his nanny’s daughter was sick. What happened afterwards was, of course, a tragedy.”

DaHwa tells SongAh that ‘the daughter’ (knowing full well it is SongAh) has some responsibility in the death as she whined that she was sick to her mother. And that GookDae is a victim. (I feel that everyone is so overly dramatic in this, what child doesn’t whine when they are sick and want their mother? Has no one thought about the driver who was content on running the red light?)

this is why you should always think before you speakBefore DaHwa leaves she tells SongAh that she should not waver GookDae’s heart again because she has no right to.

We then see a puffy faced and devastated SongAh after what must have been a long crying session. She thinks about what she said to GookDae that night and what DaHwa said to her earlier in the day and she begins to sob uncontrollably. When her sobbing has died down a little she says:

“I’m sorry GookDae.”

Additional Comments:

This recap was a lot shorter than usual, mainly because of all the crying montages!

I was annoyed about a lot of what happened in this episode, but at the same time I kind of enjoyed being annoyed… it means I’m still interacting with what is happening, so it isn’t such a lost cause of a drama. Well, the plot has kind of died and the characters… well the character development is a bit strange and I feel like they haven’t been fleshed out well, they are all over the place. Well, the leads are, the rest of the characters are pretty okay.

I loved that SongAh called DoekHee when she was upset, but I kind of wished that there would have been more interaction there, like there was with BiRyong and GookDae.

The whole ‘it’s your fault’ thing… that is what angers me the most. I understand that SongAh would be angry and confused at first, but then after all that crying you would think that she would start thinking about the things that she had said previously. Like, you were just a child!!! It was an accident!

I liked that DaHwa kind of put her in her place and explained the whole story, seeing as neither of our leads would get off their butts and talk about it! But I didn’t like how she put the blame onto SongAh (sort of), but that is telling of her character, so it’s in keeping with her overall character build-up.

I think I’m just finding out with this drama that I like to cause suffering to myself and I love drama haha ^^” But I will be happy when I have completed this drama, not going to lie! There are definitely a lot better things to watch out there.

And if I’m totally honest, I think Jung YunHo is my main reason for not giving up on this drama. And Jang SeungJo (whose beautiful face I very much missed this episode!).

Thank you for reading~




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