I Order You (Episode 13) Recap~

This episode was pretty emotional and we saw some good decisions being made by GookDae, even if he took his time! However, it looks like happiness is not within reach just yet for our two mains.

everything about this is prettyDaHwa explains the reason she left being that on her wedding day, GookDae’s mother explained to her that in order to get permission to marry her, he agreed to take over the hotel. DaHwa knew that this decision would kill GookDae because he passion lies with cooking.

She says to GookDae that it was enough just to know that he loved her as much as to make the deal with his mother (and you couldn’t at least have send a postcard to say this?! Bit anti-climatic honestly…). DaHwa goes on to say that GookDae has not forgotten about her either, which is why in three years FLada has kept its name (am I the only one doesn’t understand why the name matters?! You can’t just change the name so easily of a brand, especially one starting up!). She says this act was him calling her home.

DaHwa turns her attention to SongAh and asks if she still sees her as a woman from the past. DaHwa tells GookDae to come back to her as her heart is still the same. With that she leaves.

GookDae and SongAh share an awkward and silent care journey to her house, where they both get out, but they keep their distance from each other. GookDae leaves, too quickly for SongAh who was about to call out to him (it bothers me that GookDae’s fighting talk has dissipated… I understand that he may be confused, but seriously man! You are hurting my precious little pumpkin!).

As soon as she gets in SongJoo is on her case, which causes her to have an outburst. She shouts that she is having enough trouble, without him adding to it and storms into her room, slamming the door behind her.

SongAh tries to call GookDae, but he doesn’t answer. Instead she sends a text telling him that she has something to give him and will meet him at FLada. We see her running down the street and get to FLada, however, it’s closed (or ‘close’ like the sign said… which is pretty much the same thing!). 

Meanwhile, GookDae is at a crossroads (apparently taking the scenic route unless SongAh is now an olympic runner! Oh and it’s symbolic for how he is at a crossroad too in life and needs to choose between the two women ^^”) and he is having trouble deciding which way to go.

SongAh is sat on the step outside FLada and hopes that he will come quickly. However, in the next scene he steps into DaHwa’s restaurant where she has been waiting for him (don’t do this to me GookDae, I’m tearing up… too much emotion!). 

SongAh sets the box she is wanted to give him down and starts to leave, her eyes to the ground, when she suddenly hears someone say her name. She looks up, shocked to see GookDae before her, a smile on his face as he asks her where she is going (my face hurts from smiling and I made some really strange happy seal noises! haha ^^”).


She tells him that she thought he wasn’t coming and GookDae calls her a fool, as where would he go without her? SongAh then runs to him and they hug (GookDae did something right!).

We then see what transpired at the DaHwa’s restaurant. GookDae tells her that he is sorry and that his mother lied to her and he would never have given up cooking. He says that she should have talked to him (so technically they were never married in the first place… is that right?). GookDae tells her that he has changed and not to wait for him.

SongJoo turns up to ruin the romantic mood, as he grumpily moans at SongAh for not telling him where she went this late at night. GookDae tells SongJoo that right now is not the time to argue, so SongJoo tells SongAh that they are going. GookDae tells SongAh to go.

On the car ride home, SongJoo tells SongAh that GookDae seems okay, and he likes that he stood in front of her and stood up for her. SongJoo is going on a business trip the next day, but tells her that when he gets back he and GookDae will have a talk and he will find out the A-Z about him! (I love that SongJoo is so protective~).

Inside his room, GookDae opens the box SongAh left on the step and we hear SongAh reading what is written on the card inside:

GookDae says “It’s not my fault” and begins to cry.

The next day, GookDae, SooRi and BiRyong and are preparing the lunchboxes for the big meeting – Korean Beef Market Strategic Plan 2015-, which we see SongAh and her team preparing a room for.

BiRyong comes to deliver the lunchboxes and DoekHee goes over and the two are awkward, but adorable to watch, even Kevin smiles when he looks over (okay DoekHee and BiRyong would make a super cute couple!). 

BiRyong then unveils the lunchbox in front of the team and everyone is pleased with what they look like. The meeting then seems to go well, with the people tasting the food and listening to Kevin’s speech looking as though it is all enjoyable (I really like how DoekHee looks at Kevin here, but this ship will probably never sail… *cries*).

Even so, the team are waiting anxiously to hear the result of the meeting.

aawww kevin is so cuteKevin comes out of his office after having been on the phone and acts a little put out, however, he happily exclaims that they got the contract! Everyone is super happy and they start congratulating each other. Kevin makes his way over to SongAh and tells her to thank GookDae for him and agrees that SongAh’s choice was the best one. He then gives her the thumbs up (gosh he is too cute ♥).

Then we see SongAh running into FLada and shouting that they got the contract. She is upset that he isn’t excited like she is, but he tells her that they wouldn’t have failed because he was cooking. He then tells her to sit down and her spirits rise when she’s the food on the table. Apparently ‘the wind’ told GookDae that she would be coming (haha cute!).

SongAh digs right in and GookDae teases her on how ‘this small kid can eat so much’, she comes back with her need to eat well after working hard. SongAh then wonders if they can stay happy like this, and expresses her fear that it will all go away (is this some non-subtle foreshadowing?). GookDae comes back with:

“I vow this. As long as Park SongAh loves me, I’ll spend my whole life looking at you.”

this is pretty cuteSongAh then gets her phone out and puts it on record. She puts it close to his face and tells him to repeat himself. He changes it a bit, but the sentiment is still the same, and says his name after SongAh insists. SongAh then asks if she should record something for him too and GookDae wonders if she thinks, because she is so small, he’ll lose her (HA! That’s hilarious!). He makes it cute by saying that he will always be able to find her.

GookDae then, not so subtly, put his elbows on the tables and shows off the bracelet. SongAh is happy to see him wearing it, but grumbles about give and take. GookDae beckons her closer and tells her that in the first draw of his bedside table there is something for her. Before even finishing his sentence, SongAh has run off to investigate! She opens the draw and the little box inside and is happy about the pretty ring GookDae has gotten her.

SongAh puts it on and is about to go back out when she spots the little wooden box. Park SongAh opens it and find a little recipe notebook. She searches for the picture to see how similar they ‘supposedly’ are and gets a huge shock when she finds it.

GookDae comes into the room, wondering what she is doing, and goes to touch her arm, but she pulls away from him. Through tears she says:

“Because of you… my mother… she… died?”

GookDae drops the photo in shock.

Additional Comments:

This episode was a rollercoaster and I’m not going to lie, I kind of love that and even if it was kind of stupid, I got so wrapped up in it all!

The romance was super cute in this episode and I was so happy that GookDae is finally making decisions and the right ones! I was so worried that he wouldn’t. It’s enjoyable to see them being able to smile and be comfortable and happy. Of course that didn’t last long though…

I think the main problem with this little drama, is that there isn’t much point to it. I’m not saying it is bad, I’m having fun watching it and honestly if you watch this on Viki, the timed comments are hilarious! But there isn’t much direction, it’s rather all over the place and some of the problems are rather stupid… well I think they are haha ^^”

It was nice to see some of the side characters in this, seeing them made me happy and we finally got to see Kevin again!! My pretty little baby! ♥

As this is episode 13, I’m kind of scared about what is to come and how much sadness will be drawn out… I’m hoping SongAh will get over the initial shock and not blame him because if she does… he was a little boy and her mother saved him. That’s not his fault that she died, it’s the drivers fault or the weathers fault.

I hope neither lose their fight.

Thank you for reading~




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