I Order You (Episode 12) Recap~

This was a great episode and I think this drama is getting back on track of being good and keeping me gripped. And oh how I wish I was SongAh this episode ♥.♥ (well for some certain parts :p).

The pair are at a park (why are they here?), where SongAh asks what he meant by someone died because of him. GookDae explains that the person who died was someone who looked after him instead of his mother (a nanny I think) as she is cold and didn’t care much for him. The reason being that GookDae looked like his father who left them, and she put her hate for her runaway husband onto her son.

GookDae explains that there was a car accident and she saved him. SongAh tells him that she understands and relates that her mother died in a car accident when she went out to get her some medicine. The reason she can’t take medicine is because she thinks it was her fault.

my babiesGookDae tells her that it isn’t her fault. SongAh says the same for him, that he has to stop blaming himself. He asks if he’ll be able to do that. SongAh says that it will be hard, but that they need to let them go. She stands up and reinforces her point, even if GookDae tries to stop her. GookDae begins to cry and SongAh hugs him, a few moments later he puts his arms around her and sobs into her chest (my babies! This is so sad! And is it her mother? Surely the two children would have met… or she would have heard her mother had died
saving someone else… hmm).

backhug moments are cuteLater on, the tears have subsided, and SongAh thinks it’s best to leave now. As she walks about she thinks about something he has said, that before he met that woman, he was always alone and it’s hard to bear the grief (or guilt) that comes to him when he closes his eyes.

She turns back and just as GookDae is about to leave, he gives him a back hug, stopping him. SongAh tells him she doesn’t want to leave him alone (so many feelings and it’s on 5 mins in! *dies*). 

Then things escalate rather quickly as the pair enter FLada, very much connected at the mouth. The pair go from the counter to the bed (YunHo is such a good kisser, so jealous of GaEun!!!).

The next morning, SongAh wakes to an empty bed. In the restaurant GookDae has cooked her breakfast, before she eats, he rolls up her sleeves. The atmosphere is a little awkward, but both are obviously happy. SooRi and BiRyong come in to start their shift and subsequently ruin the mood.

SongAh realises that she only has GookDae’s shirt on and runs for cover into the back room. GookDae tells the pair that they should call before coming into work (haha) and then they start to joke around. In the midst of this BiRyong gets a text from DaHwa (are these two going to end up together?) who reminds him her restaurant is opening tonight and she hopes he will come and congratulate her. GookDae notices BiRyong’s expression and he tells her about the opening.

please lie for me!!On the way to work, SongAh gets a call from her brother who demands to know the truth about her whereabouts during the night. SongAh is adamant that she didn’t
spend it with GookDae, but instead at DoekHee’s house and that he can check if he wants. SongJoo hangs up and starts to ring DoekHee who happens to have walked up behind SongAh.

Thankfully, DoekHee corroborates SongAh’s story and once SongJoo has hung up she asks if SongAh slept with GookDae. DoekHee looks impressed as she puts her arm around SongAh’s neck and they walk off.

besties catch upThe two catch up and DoekHee suggests that they go shopping during their lunch-break so that she can get a cute outfit etc. as she can’t lose DaHwa, who could come and try to sashay her way between SongAh and GookDae (DoekHee, what she hasn’t told you is that ex-wife is trying to do that anyway!). SongAh isn’t too enamoured by the idea, but she looks to be thinking.

BiRyong, SooRi and his girlfriend are at DaHwa’s restaurant (did she name it after herself?…). DaHwa is upset that GookDae didn’t even send a congratulatory message to her and SooRi opens his big mouth to tell her the reason being that GookDae is dating now.

Not noticing the looks from BiRyong to stop or the look of displeasure on DaHwa’s face, SooRi tells her that GookDae and SongAh are super lovey-dovey and that they found them hugging this morning.

BiRyong tells him that there are some things that shouldn’t be said and SooRi finally understands that it could be awkward for DaHwa being that she’s GookDae’s ex-wife. SooRi’s girlfriend hits him and tells him he is at fault, but DaHwa puts on a fake face and said it’s okay and she needs to congratulate them on their happiness.

DaHwa gives a look that the shows she has something up her sleeve to ruin this happiness.

bribe timeBiRyong and SooRi then meet GookDae at Orange Factory (so much name placement! ah dramas~) and he gets them a few things. BiRyong thought this was bribe, so as not tell anyone about GookDae and SongAh’s relationship, however, he was only partly right. GookDae tells them it’s a bribe so as to be good to SongAh in the future (but they have always been good to her!).  

GookDae gets an incoming call from DaHwa as they leave, but ignores it.

doekhee really wanted to go into that shopAt the same time, SongAh and DoekHee are shopping. DoekHee spots some extravagant underwear in a window and suggests SongAh get some and explains that a woman should have a least one in her collection.

DoekHee tries to go into the shop, but much to her disappointment SongAh drags her away. They then look at some market stalls and they come across a cute little stall where they can make personalised bracelets. SongAh looks like she has an idea.

SongAh phones GookDae to see if he wants to have dinner this evening, so she can also give him the bracelet she had made (it’s got ‘it’s not your fault’ on it, that’s quite sweet). However, he has prior engagement.

this is why you shouldn't answer calls from dahwaSongAh is about to get off work when she gets an incoming call from DaHwa. She is not impressed with DaHwa having ‘something to tell her’ again and demands that DaHwa not contact her again, however, something DaHwa says on the other end stops SongAh from hanging up and she agrees to meet DaHwa.

Once SongAh gets to the designated meeting place, a cafe, GookDae is waiting there. The reason he couldn’t have dinner with her was because he was meeting with DaHwa. He explains that she told him, she hasn’t given up on him.

Before they can continue talking, DaHwa walks over and sits with them. SongAh tells GookDae that he should go, but DaHwa asks if SongAh is afraid of what she will say in front of him.

GookDae is a little annoyed and tells DaHwa that they have no relationship now. However, DaHwa says that she is coming back to him and once he knows why she left, he will definitely go back to her. DaHwa says that she is doing this because of SongAh, GookDae tells her not to use SongAh as an excuse.

DaHwa reveals that SongAh already knows what she is about to tell GookDae, and SongAh tries to speak, but she unable to form the right words. GookDae stands up and takes hold of SongAh’s wrist, telling her that they should go. However, SongAh doesn’t move, which makes him angry.

He sits back down and DaHwa tells him to listen to how she felt when she left him and why she needed to leave him.

(and then it ends! All that build up and the episode ends! *cries* I got so wrapped up in the drama at the end and now… *seal noises* haha ^^”).

Additional Comments:

This is probably one ofmy favourite episodes so far! There was just the right amount of everything really. We had the two mains banding and bonding together with insights into the past, we had intimate touchy moments between our leads which was natural, we had friendship (oh how I missed DoekHee!) and we had the drama of the second female lead stirring up trouble.

The only thing we were missing was that angel of a second male lead. But I will forgive the writers on this count, because SongAh got to spend some valuable time with her friend DoekHee (I love female friendships so much! They are too rare in dramaland sometimes). 

The story is nothing new, but I like how strong and accepting SongAh has been during this episode and the past few. She has her moments of worry, which are all fueled by DaHwa, but she stays with GookDae and they tend to have a chats and that is what I love: communication between leads.

What I don’t understand about DaHwa is why now? Why has she chosen this point to come back, I mean it’s been a long time. So her reasons for leaving are a bit murkier for me. Which is always good, because on that cliff ending I definitely want to watch the next episode to see what her reason was.

I just hope that the two mains stay strong, especially GookDae, as he is the one who I think will falter more easily… his emotions – which seems to be the product of a lonely childhood, unloving mother and tragedy – are a bit all over the place at times.

But I’m thankful that the drama is picking up a bit more now, there was a little lull in the middle, but it looks like it’s coming back strong, however the comedy is being replaced by drama. And hey, I love kdramas, so I love to be sad haha ^^”

Thank you for reading~




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