I Order You (Episode 9) Recap~

It’s Saturday, so I’m early posting this and I have a legit reason! I made some plans at the beginning of the week and I just wanted to alter them slightly. For the time being a recap of an I Order You episode will be uploaded every Saturday! And the following Sunday will also be a drama day, but that drama is a secret (but I will say it’s a new drama! sorry…)

This episode was not the most interesting of episodes, but still there was Kevin in a cute little pink blazer, so I’m not too disappointed. haha ^^” Oh I wish I were joking, I’m so shallow…

GookDae’s question is answered with “I don’t like you.” SongAh says that it’s too late, which GookDae knows is true. However, that won’t stop his feelings and it’s only just begun. SongAh is not happy as he is putting his wants first and she leaves, saying that she is done. (Why is it too late? She ran to him?… I hate seeing YunHo sad, even if it is just acting!)

Outside SongAh walks around the city completely lost in lost. Once she is home, she looks at the necklace Kevin gave her. While putting it into a draw, she notices the little card. She says ‘dummy’ and the scene ends (I’m going with she is the dummy).

The next day, SongAh meets with Kevin in the park. She gives him back the necklace, saying that there is someone out there who it will fit better. Kevin asks why, if the reason she rejected him was to do with GookDae. SongAh is truthful and says no, that her feelings for Kevin just were never like that.

Kevin asks if GookDae leaves her heart, could he stand next to her. However, it’s clear that could not be the case. He asks if they can still be friends, and when SongAh says if he wants them to be, he exclaims that he made a friend today. What seems like a happy statement is surrounded by an awkward sadness (that breaks my heart! I want him to be happy so badly!)
After leaving first, Kevin makes a surprise comeback, saying that he can’t leave when she looks so sad. He tells her he was the one who was dumped, not her!

“I can’t do this. I think you will have to play with me today. You and I, as a celebration of our friendship.”

that pink blazer really suits him not going to lieKevin wants them to continue having a enjoyable friendship. He then whisks her away to… school. (Okay, if he stays like this and doesn’t become super pushy and secretly trying to get with her, then he will be the best second lead ever!!!).

While walking through the grounds, Kevin reminisces about how he hated school and was bullied. But! When SongAh became his seat buddy things changed. SongAh is evidently feeling a little awkward (and I sort of feel her pain) but Kevin keeps talking.

He tells her about when he found out he was going to America. Back then little SongAh, who realised he would be going on a plane, asked if the plane would go to heaven as well. The conversation in the present has changed dramatically as Kevin asks her if she wanted to meet her mother then.

sosSongAh then recalls what Kevin gave to her as a gift before leaving for America. He had written SOS in large letters in dirt on the school playground. Little Kevin tells little SongAh that he read it in a book that people would be able to see it from a plane and thus the heavens as well.

Kevin tells her in the present, that he knew SongAh was grieving for someone and that’s why he did it and that he really did want her to be able to meet her mother then. He then tells SongAh that he will make that happen now. SongAh, of course is dubious, but becomes happy when Kevin starts pushing the swing she is on.

Meanwhile, GookDae is having trouble concentrating while preparing lunchboxes and we see him cut himself. This then leads to BiRyong and SooRi rushing to a hospital room, where GookDae is casually eating with his arm in a sling.

GookDae tries to comfort SooRi, but BiRyong is having none of it and asks if it has relapsed (what?! What is wrong with him?!). Not answering the question, GookDae asks for a favour.

We then see SongAh ending a phone conversation. BiRyong has asked her to go to FLada so that he can give her the samples for their collaboration. ladies firstKevin thinks it may be a plan of GookDae’s to lure her to him, but SongAh doesn’t agree, saying that she clearly ended it.

Kevin isn’t happy at how she is showing her feelings about the situation surrounding her and GookDae, but accompanies her to FLada nonetheless. While she stops outside the door, Kevin is the one to open the door and gesture for her to go inside.

Kevin is surprised to see that it is just BiRyong there to greet them. He hands SongAh a usb and tells her to choose which menus they like and that FLada will make them for the day of the meeting. BiRyong also mentions that GookDae used today, his day off, to sort out all the information.

Just as SongAh and Kevin are leaving, he tells her that GookDae is hurt and where he is. BiRyong is disappointed when SongAh only tells says to tell GookDae to get better soon.

Once they have left FLada, BiRyong gets a call and seems rather shocked as he asks when the person calling got back (are we going to meet the ex-wife soon?…).

While driving, Kevin tries to lighten the mood, but SongAh’s mood and mind are not engaged with him. He understands and when he tells SongAh they are i'll have you instead‘here’, she assumes they are at her home. However, Kevin has driven her to the hospital where GookDae is.

Trying to keep the mood light, he jokes that she dumped someone so cool and that she should have regrets about that. He watches her walk into the hospital with a sad expression (I just want to hug this poor baby so much!).

SongAh is outside GookDae’s hospital room, however, she finds herself unable to go in. As she goes to leave, the door opens and out comes a woman (ex-wife?). SongAh excuses herself, but as she walks away, the woman asks if she is Park SongAh.

SongAh asks how this woman knows her, but before that can be answered, GookDae comes walking round the corner behind SongAh. GookDae seems emotional at having SongAh there, as well as seeing the woman.

SongAh remembers what GookDae told her about being married and it all falls into place. What follows is intense music and even more intense 3 way stares!

Additional Comments:

This was a strange little episode. I thought it went by so quickly, especially the first half.

And to be honest, not much really happened. SongAh fully rejected both suitors, spent the day with Kevin and ended it with a staring competition.

Of course, there were some other things, I mean we know that GookDae has something wrong with him (though we don’t know what) and his ex-wife is back and maybe we can find out if they actually are married or not.

However, I thought this episode was a sort of filler space, where they simply showed you that Kevin didn’t stand a chance and used the ending to set up for what is to come.

I’m not overly complaining because Kevin… I can’t help it okay, I really like his character!! But I’m wishing the next episode has more energy and stuff going on.

I do like this drama and I am happy to see where it goes, especially as GookDae is now involved with his feelings. Hopefully he can just express them better and hopefully SongAh gets happy again and eating. No one ate this episode, that’s just not right! haha :p



Thank you for reading~


2 thoughts on “I Order You (Episode 9) Recap~

  1. Ugh, I am startuping to dislike our female lead. She is about as quick on the uptake as a box of rocks, and why does she reject Gook Dae? Yes I get that he kissed her and didn’t tell her he was married, however she also never gives him a chance to explain and just assumes howmhe feels. Then, when he does tell her – and not for lack of trying since he did try to contact her repeatedly – she blatently ignores what he says and makes more stupid assumptions. The way this is going and the way things have been written thus far, I can only assume that the ex wife will be a heinous wench. We have the pushy/stalkery/creeper of a second male lead so it stands to reason that we will also have the backstabby/nasty/manipulative second female lead as well. These seem to be the fallback characters for crappy writers, heh.


    • Ah, yes SongAh does get a tad dislikeable and frustrating around this point in the drama. I can’t stand it when female and male leads don’t communicate and when they try, the other gets defensive or contradictory. You say that these are fallback characters and I would certainly agree with you, but they are staples in dramaland and I can’t help but love them haha 🙂 I hope you are getting at least some amusement out of these episodes at the ridiculousness of the writing 🙂

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