17.11.15 -22.11.15 “My Motivation Is Going To Be Found!!”

Picture25 editedLast week was terrible, both in posting, but also just in general. And I know, it’s Tuesday… but it’s better late than never… right? haha

This week and the weeks to come I am determined to find time and have a set plan in place for posting. Setting days will have to be done during the week and then I will put them into place next week (*fingers crossed*)

So, my plans for this week are:


  • I Order You Episode 8 (which I am halfway through the recap, it will be uploaded today!! haha ^^”)
  • I Order You Episode 9

MV/Song Review:

  • One of the Brown Eyed Girls new comeback songs, but I’m not sure which just yet.


  • Top 5 Favourite Halfway Moments (for I Order You)
  • A personal post, however, I’m not sure about this one, just because I need to make it look nicer haha ^^” so far it’s just a whole lot of words…

Hopefully, you are having a great day and your drama of choice right now, is very good!! Thank you for reading~



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