02.11.15 – 08.11.15 – “Being A Student Is Hard And Last Week Was Not Fun…”

Picture25 editedSo, I was super excited for last week as I thought Reading Week would be a good time to do school work and then I could set aside time to do a post here each day. I thought wrong. Last week turned into a sort of ‘existential crisis week’.

Due to being a student and a lot of my essays are due this month, I will be even more useless at updating this site with contents… I’m sorry! But I will try my best to do the small things that I set for myself, mainly because this will give me some relaxation time away from academia. Plus I will finish these dramas! I will!!

Here are may plans for this week:


  • I Order You “Episode 8”

MV/Song Reviews:

  • For this one I am not sure, but there will be two of these~

Something New:

  • Top 5 Moments of the First Half (catchy I know haha ^^”)
    • These will be a new “segment” and I hope you like it and don’t forget to tell me your favourite moments ♥

Followers!!! Welcome and Thank You~

Today I gained 20 followers!!! It may not be a lot, but I was to thank each and every one of you for sort of committing to my shambles of a blog! I really appreciate every view, follow and comment ♥

Thank you, you lovely people and I hope your day has been wonderful and your drama couple live happily ever after ♥♥♥

Thank you for reading~


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