Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb” MV/Song Review~

Red Velvet have come back with a cute, quirky and pretty stylish look and mv. This is more reminiscent of Happiness, in my opinion and I have to say, I pretty much love it!
I need to start listening to their music and not just the title tracks. They are certainly improving in my books ♡

The Story:

“Like a mannequin, everything is so awkward
I should just act like I do normally
But whenever I see you, I act so stupid”

(You can see the rest of lyrics here.)

This is pretty much the story. The beautiful Red Velvet girls have several scenes where they are mannequins, being distracted during work and acting strange (yet quirky and cute).

The Visuals:

“Dumb Dumb” has a great quirky, artistic feel to it.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-12-10-52-29.pngThere are a lot of effects, my favourite being when there are lots of the same member in the shot. I thought that was well done and added a great fun element to the video. I will say that some of the shots were a little overdone, such as fanning out the image of the member behind them.

This video was bright, comedic, yet had a nice stylish edge.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-12-10-49-49.png wpid-screenshot_2015-09-12-10-54-04.png wpid-screenshot_2015-09-12-10-53-33.png wpid-screenshot_2015-09-12-10-49-26.png

The outfits were generally very pretty and feminine, while during the dance sections the members were in trendier casual wear. (I’m always so jealous of the clothes when I watch kpop videos!)

The Dance:

This dance was quite casual and the part with the sticks was quite a nice touch. I also especially enjoyed when the fanning out effect was used while there was a dancing section.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-12-10-46-01.png wpid-screenshot_2015-09-12-10-52-03.png

The “mannequin” dance was also very cute and quirky.

The dance wasn’t the main focus of the mv, but it had a nice casual style to it and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the live performance.


The vocals were great. For Ice Cream Cake, I liked the vocals, but I didn’t feel that the wpid-screenshot_2015-09-12-10-42-41.pngvocal styles went well with each other. However, this song was so good! The rapping elements were probably my favourite parts, as well as the whole chorus!

The chorus, the vocals and the beat was genius and easily made me move and dance! The ‘dumb dumb dumb’ undertone parts were also sounded very good and if the whole album has this kind of great sound I am going to be very happy!

Star Ratings:

Understandable Story-line: 3/5

Video Production: 4/5

Vocals: 5/5

Overall Package: 8/10

What did you think of Red Velvet’s new video and song? Share your thoughts in the comments ^^

Thank you for reading~


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